Round Table: Trade Time?

Do the Patriots need to make a trade before the deadline? If so, who should they be targeting?

Raj: I really think they should. Look, I have absolutely nothing against the rookie wide receivers. They're doing a decent job. Key word "decent", though. Now is the time to make a trade and get another established talented wide receiver. My eyes are on Cleveland's Josh Gordon. He's been playing well, a large part due to ex-Patriot Brian Hoyer. But now, since Hoyer is out for the year, the Browns have to go with Brandon Weeden. I don't think the chemistry is there yet between those two but I can definitely tell that Gordon on the Pats would make Brady a very happy quarterback.

Jason: At this point, bringing in a new face on offense would probably be more of a hindrance than a help. How many veteran receivers have come in with a full offseason of work and flopped because they couldn't digest the playbook? Bringing in a receiver mid-season is a waste of a draft pick. The only position I could see making sense for an in-season trade might be DT to provide depth for Wilfork. A space-eater in a contract year like San Diego DT Cam Thomas might make sense if the price isn't too steep.

Derek: I think the odds of anything happening are slim to none and I'm sure that Bill Belichick would likely shake his head in disgust with anything we propose here.  However, just for kicks, I think it would be interesting to see if the Patriots could make a play for Vincent Jackson.  The Buccs are clearly in disarray and going nowhere.  Greg Schianno and Belichick are buddies.  Gun to my head, I would think long and hard about giving up even a 1st rounder for a talent like Jackson.  It's probably a bone-headed move cap-wise, but from a talent standpoint, who are the Pats getting that's better than Vincent Jackson wiht the 26th pick in the draft or wherever they end up?  You can count the number of prime Brady seasons that we have left on one hand.  Let's make the most of this year and roll the dice!

Derek Hanson

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