From The Fans: On to the Banner Raising

The Judge has ruled. The hammer came down for the NFL. The hands went up in celebration for Pats fans everywhere. Our QB, Tom Brady, will be on the field at Gillette Stadium for the season opener of football. What a relief! What an awesome feeling! The months and months of the Deflategate saga have […]


From The Fans – Independence Day

Over two hundred years ago, Patriots fought vigorously for the freedom of a nation. A nation in which it’s people were treated unfairly by a power hungry king. And now nearly 239 years later, history has been repeated. The power hungry king has once again been defeated by Patriots, with the help of a judge […]


From The Fans: Patriot’s Draft Fantasy Rankings

Now that we are only a week away from the regular season, it’s about time to draft our fantasy teams. As I’m sure any fantasy player knows, we try to fit as many of our teams player in the fantasy teams. So if you plan on drafting your league, then it’s good to know in […]