Will Deflategate Affect Super Bowl XLIX?

Raj: There will not be any impact on this for Super Bowl XLIX. In terms of whether this poses as a distraction to the Pats, not at all. This team is very disciplined and is way better than that. It would be very un-Patriot like to see this team get distracted by this situation. If the […]

How will the NFL Punish the Patriots?

Kyle: Deputy Barney Fife, I mean Commissioner Goodell, showing everybody that he is boss, will levy some overly-heavy handed punishment on the Pats. The punishmentshould be similar to a Jaywalking ticket, $25,000. However, Commissioner Fife will pull the one bullet out of his shirt pocket and give a four game suspension to BB, a hefty (more […]

Is Deflategate Over-inflated?

Rick: Absolutely, people are “over-inflating” the importance of deflate-gate. Yes, the Patriots should be punished if found guilty by the NFL because it technically is cheating. The sad part about this situation is New England did not need to deflate the balls in order to beat the Colts the way they did. In fact, New England […]

This is Why We Watch

I have spent more hours than I could ever keep track of watching men run around on a field or a court tossing a ball around.  There are times when I ask myself if this is really time well spent.  I may love the Patriots, but the Patriots don’t love me.  Tom Brady has no […]

This Assumes that the Ravens Can Read…

“Maybe those guys gotta study the rule book and figure it out. We obviously knew what we were doing.”

– Tom Brady on the Raven’s complaints about the Patriots’ four offensive linemen formations

On To the AFC Championship…

Patriots will host the AFC Championship game next Sunday at 6:40 at @GilletteStadium. — New England Patriots (@Patriots) January 11, 2015

Key to the Game

What is your biggest key to the game on Saturday? Rick: The biggest key for Saturday’s game is going to be the Patriots’ offensive line against the pass rush of the Ravens. The Ravens were second in the NFL during the regular season in sacks. Also, they sacked Ben Roethlisbeger five times in their win over the Steelers last […]

Whose the Bigger Rival, Baltimore or Denver?

Raj: You could make a fair case for both teams. You can say Baltimore because of how dirty they play against the Patriots and it’s been going on for the past couple of years. At the same time you can say Denver because for the same amount of time, it’s always been a high scoring, back-and-forth […]

What’s the Big Difference?

What is the biggest difference between this game and the last time the Patriots and Ravens clashed in the playoffs in 2012?  Rick: The biggest difference between this year and the 2012 AFC Championship Game is that the Patriots have the two cornerbacks in Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner. My first reaction when I saw this would […]

Who is the Patriots’ MVP: Brady or Gronk?

Raj: This is a really tough question because both are so valuable to the Pats. But in the end, I would still say Brady is more valuable. The Pats can still win without Gronk, it would just be really difficult. They cannot win at all without Brady. That’s why I still think Brady is more valuable. […]