Is Aaron Dobson the Next Alshon Jeffery?

One of the less-heralded stories of the 2013 NFL season was the emergence of Chicago WR Alshon Jeffery as one of the league’s elite wide receivers. Jeffery ranked second in the NFC in receiving yards, coming up 72 yards shy of outpacing position standard-bearer Calvin Johnson. The performance of the second-year wideout was among the […]

Opening Lines: Stupid Super Bowl Edition

The stupid Denver Broncos opened as 2.5-point favorites as they prepare to play the equally stupid Seattle Seahawks in the stupid Super Bowl that I won’t watch. A number of my colleagues on his blog have expressed varying levels of disappointment, resignation, optimism and pride in New England’s season. While most of them have started […]

Opening Lines: Conference Championships

The Patriots opened as 5-point underdogs as they visit the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship Game. If you listen to the oddsmakers, this is where the train stops for the Pats. You’d probably have to go back to Super Bowl XXXVI to find a game where the Pats gave up more than 3.5, even […]

Opening Lines: Divisional Round

The Patriots opened as 7.5-point favorites as they host the Indianapolis Colts in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. I have a bit of a mea culpa to deliver this week – I totally tuned out of the Colts-Chiefs game shortly after halftime. I thought to myself that even Andy Reid can’t blow this one. I […]

Opening Lines: Wild Card Round

After picking 51 games against the spread this season, I have amassed a record that ranks somewhere between hot garbage and full-blown dumpster fire. My only solace is the fact that I was profitable in every other year, back when I rode my dinosaur to work and recorded my picks with stone and chisel. But […]

Opening Lines: Week 17

The Patriots opened as 9-point favorites as they host the Bills in Week 17. Truth be told, I gave very serious consideration this week to canning this feature and calling it a year. My picks have been atrociously bad, I’ve had precious little time to put into providing quality content due to the extra responsibilities […]

Opening Lines: Week 16

The Patriots opened as one-point underdogs as they visit the Baltimore Ravens in Week 16. Words cannot express how much I hate the band of punks in purple, so I’m not even going to pretend to have any semblance of objectivity in my analysis. While I understand that nobody wants to hear some other guy’s […]

Opening Lines: Week 15

The Patriots opened as 2-point favorites as they visit the Miami Dolphins in Week 15. Honestly, this season can just go suck an entire bag of dicks. Wilfork, Mayo, Vollmer, Kelly, Wilson, and now Gronk? Why don’t you just torture my family and throw my beloved cat down a flight of stairs while you’re at […]

Opening Lines: Week 14

The Patriots opened as 11.5-point favorites as they prepare to host the Cleveland Browns in Week 14. So about this Cleveland business … actually, is there really anything worth discussing in Cleveland? Josh Gordon is a nightmare for opposing defensive coordinators, but the guy throwing him the ball (are they really back to a banged-up […]

Opening Lines: Week 13

The Patriots opened as 7.5-point favorites as they visit the Houston Texans in Week 13. As I was watching the first half of the Denver game, a little voice inside of me said “well, our boys are getting their asses kicked, but at least you picked it right against the spread.” Then that little voice […]

Opening Lines: Week 12

The Patriots opened as 2.5-pont underdogs as they prepare to host the Denver Broncos in Week 12. There are a number of interesting angles worth considering here. I could talk about the fact that the Patriots haven’t been an underdog at home for the better part of a decade (a game in which they covered). […]

Opening Lines: Week 11

The Patriots opened as 2.5-point underdogs as they travel to Carolina Panthers in Week 11. You read that right – the Patriots are coming off a historic dismantling of a team with a two-time Super Bowl-winning QB and a bye, and they are underdogs. Forget for a minute about the fact that the Pats looked […]

Opening Lines: Week 10

The Patriots are on a much-needed bye in Week 10. Despite being considered a disappointment by fans and experts alike, the Patriots are actually 5-4 against the spread this year. They have also achieved that record by conventional methods; they’ve covered 4 out of 5 times at home and came up short against the number […]

Opening Lines: Week 9

The Patriots opened as 6.5-point favorites as they host the Steelers in Week 9. When analyzing an identical spread against the Dolphins last week, I predicted that injuries would catch up with the Pats on defense, exposing more of the warts of the offense. And despite the 10-point win, everything I had suspected was confirmed. […]

Opening Lines: Week 8

The Patriots opened as 6.5-point favorites as they host the Miami Dolphins in Week 8. This line has me as confused as a referee in last week’s game. Of New England’s five wins this year, four were in serious doubt heading into the final two or three minutes. Points have been at a premium for […]

Opening Lines: Week 7

The Patriots opened as 4-point favorites as they travel to New York to face the Jets in Week 7. I was so cock-sure of my picks last week that I called them a parlay waiting to happen. And promptly went 1-2. Thankfully, one of those misses was on a last-second TD throw from Brady to […]

Opening Lines: Week 6

The Patriots opened as 1-point favorites as they host the New Orleans Saints in Week 6. After doing their best Jets impression last week, New England desperately needs a confidence-builder. I’m trying to think if there would be a worse time for the Pats to face a QB like Drew Brees and a rejuvenated Saints […]

Opening Lines: Week 5

The Patriots opened as 1-point underdogs as they visit the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 5. Part of sports betting involves studying each team’s performance against different kinds of opponents and trying to formulate theories about how that team will respond to a similar opponent. For instance, if the Broncos are playing a team with a […]

Opening Lines: Week 4

The New England Patriots opened as 2-point underdogs as they visit the Atlanta Falcons in Week 4. After a three-week tour of the shitty residue on the bottom of the league’s shoe, the Pats will finally face a quality team in Week 4. Color me concerned about this one. There are some similarities between the […]

Opening Lines: Week 3

The Patriots opened as 9-point favorites as they host the Tampa Bay Bucs in Week 3. I prefer to pretend that Thursday night’s offensive abomination didn’t happen. It was too wet, the ball was hard to grab, not enough time to firm up the offense, more time was needed to get in tune, [insert one […]