Looking Forward: Rounds 1 & 2

There are a few things that have been dangling on my brain lately around the Pats that I’d like to wipe off before taking a blind, marginally thought out stab at the Patriots first two round selections: It is not a big deal that Tom Brady didn’t go to the White House, provided it wasn’t […]

Rounds 5,4,&3- Rolling Toward the First Round

by Kyle Gillis As I move to Rounds 5, 4, and 3, I think it is worth looking at previous 4th and 3rd round picks for the Pats in the BB era. I won’t talk about Round 5 picks- the Pats traded that went to Tampa Bay in a trade where I’m sure the Pats […]

Looking Back/Looking Ahead Round 6

The minute I found out that Darrelle Revis had signed with the Jets I thought back to one of the late 80’s Detroit Pistons team. The Pistons, a group of thugs and clowns had, just won the NBA championship. Almost immediately, they had had their souls ripped out. After winning it all, essentially after those […]

Pats Draft Round 7

by Kyle Gillis It’s been a month since Malcolm Butler and the “Pick of Destiny” saved snowbound New England from a month-long morass and put an entire region in a good mood. So much has been said about the most clutch defensive play in NFL history, but I think John Madden put in best when […]

I am not a crook

So we have the initial findings around the Patriots using underinflated balls and they are not good. According to several media reports, 11 of the 12 balls were up to two pounds below the minimum required by rule. This is bad, in many ways, for the Patriots However, before we explore the fallout that is […]

In Praise of Phil Simms…Not Really

As a fan there are some drawbacks to Sunday Night Football. The first is staying up late and trying to get through an entire work day without needing the Fred Flintstone toothpicks to hold my eyes open. The second is that is goes up against The Walking Dead. This season of “The Dead” has been stellar,and I […]

An AFC East Look

Some time during the early second quarter this week, the Patriots will hits the one-third point of their season. (Yes, I actually used a calculator to figure that one out). By that time, many Pats fans will probably be a bit nervous as the perennial doormats who occupy the most abysmal stadium in sports, will […]

A Bad Week for the Commish

Unless you are an Amish hermit, you saw that Commissioner Goodell had a pretty lousy week last week. At his air clearing, “House cleaning” press conference, he looked like a man quite skilled at giving the answers he wanted to give regardless of the questions asked. Mostly, what he sounded like was someone whose sole […]

Position Analysis: Quarterback

Tom Brady has spoiled the fans in Foxboro since 2001. He has, at times, been the best quarterback on the planet. He has led them to three Super Bowl wins and two other heart-breaking losses. He has been around for a long time…and it may be time to move on. What follows is not “click […]

Position Analysis: Running Back

I don’t often spend time on Twitter, and I rarely tweet; but the other day I found myself looking at a tweet by Albert Breer of the NFL Network. He was discussing running backs (if you can “discuss” something in 140 characters) and he made the point that teams (presumably high school and college) are […]

Position Analysis: Wide Receiver

Reflecting on year one of the Danny Amendola era, as the ostensible replacement for Wes Welker, could not have been what Kraft family, or Coach Belichick, could have hoped for. They could and probably, should have foreseen the injuries, but the lack of confidence in Amendola from TB12 has to be disconcerting. I assume that […]

Position Analysis: Offensive Line

If you are a long-time fan of the Pats, or even an intermediate-time fan, you should be a little nervous about the offensive line. The only offensive line coach many fans have known has taken his silver mane a gone into retirement. I don’t think it can be overstated how much Dante Scarnecchia’s ability to […]

Position Analysis: Tight End

So you have a team whose tight end has unmatched talent. This tight end, with his Hamburger Helper gloves, has a catch radius so vast that anything thrown in his direction is an expected catch. This player gets separation from linebackers and is too big for safeties to cover. Go ahead, put a cornerback on […]

Position Analysis: Safety

If you slice Devin McCourty’s production any number of ways using either a numerical or visual analysis there is no way to say he had anything but a down year. McCourty had fewer tackles, passes defended, and interceptions in 2014 than in any of the preceding three seasons. If you watched his play, you saw a […]

Postion Analysis: Linebackers

If you listened to even five minutes of sports talk radio during the Pats season, you could not help but hear a constant refrain – Dont’a Hightower is not a good football player. Much of the criticism stemmed from the view that Hightower doesn’t jump off of the TV screen and make huge plays. The […]

Position Analysis: Defensive Line

Anybody who watched the AFC Championship game had to be thinking, are the Patriots defensive lineman overmatched, hung over, falling victim to the altitude, or has Peyton Manning been covered in the Ebola virus? This no-show, against a Denver offensive line that was continuously pushed back into Manning’s face two weeks later by Seattle, was […]