Dude, What’s Up with the Hair?

Pats fans, I bear bad news today. The story circulating the rounds is true that Tom Brady is not allowed to trim his doo without the express written consent of Mrs. Tom Brady, better known as Gisele Bundchen. And so the hair grows. Despite Brandon Tate’s spot on analysis of the situation (“That’s a grown […]

Thinking with Sanchez

New England Patriots at New York Jets The more the Jets yapped in the offseason and through the Pre-Season on Hard Knocks, the more the week 2 matchup meant to fans of both teams. For New England, a sense of redemption after their week 2 loss to the Jets last season is on the line. […]

Shhh… Don’t Tell Shaughnessy

Are we about ready to kick things off? Of course we are. Fall Sundays are made for football and in New England that’s the Patriots. The bunch beloved by Bostonians of all ages. Except for cranky columnists looking to stir the pot prior to the season’s start. As “cranky columnist” could cover any fifty bile-spitting, […]

Going Long with Logan Mankins

Logan Mankins. Last week I tried to stretch out his name to match his holdout. Best I could do was: Loooooo-Gan Mannnnnn-kins. Not quite enough. Then I got to thinking what was longer than Mankins holdout. Ready here we go: 7) The Media Waiting Line to Offer Praise to Tom Brady. Two-Time Super Bowl MVP, […]

Another Take on 4th and 2

Three Super Bowl Championships, to a franchise as moribund as the New England Patriots had been when Bill Belichick took over, carry with them a cache of good will. Which, when accompanied by a little more than two bucks, will get you a large coffee regular at Dunkin’ the morning after a tough loss against […]