2015 Patriots’ Free Agent Frenzy

Good afternoon, Patriots fans! The last time I wrote to you guys, the Patriots defeated the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX. Hopefully now the feeling has sunk in for all of you. Now, New England has to regroup and make their team even better than last year’s – whether that means extending the contracts of […]

Patriots Send Ravens Flying Back South – Advance to AFC Championship

Good evening, Patriots fans! I’m going to be honest, this game was too close to comfort. But in the end, all that matters is that our New England Patriots have more points than the opposition. That’s exactly what it was in today’s AFC Divisional match up at home against the Baltimore Ravens! This first half […]

Bills End Bisontennial Drought With Season Ending Win in Foxboro

Good evening, Patriots fans. Okay, maybe it hasn’t been 200 years but it feels like forever since the Bills last beat the Pats in Massachusetts (2000 to be exact). I honestly cannot seem to understand why so many things went wrong today. It’s impossible to ever imagine seeing this New England team look so dull […]

Patriots Insulate Chargers On the Road and Move to 10-3

Good morning, Patriots fans! Well there were several reasons to be concerned with the way our New England Patriots played in San Diego against the Chargers on Sunday Night Football. But with some strong defensive plays and late clutch offensive effort, the Pats found a way to beat the Bolts. The plane ride back to […]

Packers Send Patriots to 9-3 With Close Victory at Lambeau

Good evening, Patriots fans. I am going to put this very bluntly: New England DID NOT deserve to win this game. Playing the Green Bay Packers on their field is always a challenge and they proved why today. From start to finish, every sequence for the Patriots was a struggle. Though the final score may […]

Patriots Prey on Lions at Home in Another Blowout Win

Good evening, Patriots fans! I hope you’re all having a great weekend. And I also hope that New England’s old-fashioned domination of the Detroit Lions in Foxboro made your weekend even better. From start to finish, there was no stopping this Patriots team and I seriously feel confident that they can keep this up moving […]

Patriots Silence the Neigh-Sayers With Blowout Win Over Colts in Indy

Good evening (or morning, depending on when you read this), Patriots fans! We got treated to another Sunday Night Football game featuring our team. Tonight though, they would be playing a very difficult Colts team in their barn. Despite all the facts and scenarios that experts used to say the Colts would win, it just […]

Patriots Trot into Bye Week with Critical Win Over Broncos

Good evening, Patriots fans! We got to see another classic: The 16th clash between two future hall-of-fame quarterbacks – Peyton Williams Manning vs. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. We knew the Patriots had the edge in this game since it took place at Gillette Stadium and Manning has always struggled against Brady in the Foxboro […]

New England Destroys Chicago At Home in Bearrific Blowout

Good afternoon, Patriots fans! Our New England team took on the Chicago Bears in an important game at Gillette Stadium. I almost had tickets to this game and I seriously wish I could have witnessed the Patriots blowout the Bears in person (could not go as my family and I are observing Diwali). Nonetheless, it […]

Getting to Know the Rivals: Q&A With One Jet at a Time

Recently, I had the honor of interviewing Brian Johnson, the lead content writer for the Jets blog, One Jet at a Time (you can also follow them @OneJetAtATime on twitter). Since the New York Jets are coming into Foxboro to take on the New England Patriots tomorrow night, I figured it would be cool to […]

New England Tames Buffalo’s Wild Wings In Huge Road Win

Good afternoon, Patriots fans! Well this game certainly made my weekend! Both the Buffalo Bills and our New England Patriots came into this game tied for 1st place in the AFC East at 3-2. Not anymore. After another strong performance, the Pats took care of the Bills in Orchard Park and stand alone on top […]

Patriots Clean Out the Litter With SNF Blowout Win Over Bengals

Good evening, Patriots fans (or probably good morning, since most of you might be reading this Monday morning)! Well, it’s safe to say that the New England Patriots have turned their game around with this huge Sunday Night win over the former undefeated Cincinnati Bengals. After all the criticism and questions in the media (from […]

Patriots Take an Arrow to the Head in Blowout Loss to Chiefs in KC

Good evening, Patriots fans (or most probably good morning since most of you might be reading this Tuesday morning). Well…I’m at a loss for words. What actually happened to the Patriots tonight in Kansas City? I for one did predict New England to get beaten by the Chiefs considering it was a road game and […]

Patriots Defend Gillette From Raiders in 2014 Home Opener

Good afternoon, Patriots fans! Well, what can I say? This game was plain BORING! Even though it was the home opener, I have never been so uninterested in watching a Patriots game. Thankfully they won so it wasn’t as bad. But the Oakland Raiders gave New England a tough fight so kudos to them…or maybe […]

Patriots Bounce Back With Dominating Win in Minnesota

Good afternoon, Patriots fans! Well, we may have been disappointed with how the team played in Miami Gardens, but not on this fine afternoon in Minneapolis. I don’t know about you, but today’s performance was much more than what I was hoping for. Unfortunately, the Vikings are that kind of team that I just can’t […]

Patriots Start 0-1 After Unexpected Phinish in Miami

Good afternoon, Patriots fans! Well, the season is back and I’m sure we’re all excited. Today our Patriots were in Miami Gardens to take on the Dolphins. While we were all anticipating a win, playing in Miami has been a struggle lately for New England. And after blowing a decent lead, instead of seeing the […]

Patriots Training Camp Through My Eyes

Well, you may/may not know, but I did go to Patriots training camp yesterday (their third day of practice). I must say, it was a very new experience but I loved every minute of it. Check this article out for some of my pictures and tweets during camp. My good friend and I made the long journey from […]