Why The Patriots Will Regret Not Signing Veteran NFL Receiver Greg Jennings

As the NFL offseason comes to a close, and teams start training camp, NFL rosters are beginning to take shape.  For the Patriots, this is no different.  Up to this point, the team is set at most positions.  One exception is at the receiver position.  The Patriots have seen their top five pass catchers from 2012 either leave, or become question marks […]

2013 Patriots Position Preview: Tight Ends

Continuing our look at the Patriots 2013 roster, today we will focus on the Patriots' Tight Ends. Main Tight Ends on the roster: Rob Gronkowski Jake Ballard Michael Hoomanawanui Daniel Fells We'll start with Gronkowski and work our way down. Gronkowski is facing alot of questions for 2013.  Will he be ready to go to […]

2013 Patriots Position Preview: Wide Receivers

Continuing our breakdown of the Patriots roster in 2013, today we will take a look at the Wide Receiver position. Main WR's currently on the roster: Danny Amendola Aaron Dobson Michael Jenkins Julian Edelman Donald Jones Josh Boyce Matthew Slater Kamar Aiken Lavelle Hawkins Lets start with Amendola and work our way down. Danny Amendola […]

2013 Patriots Position Preview: Running Backs

Continuing our look at the Patriots roster, the running backs are the main focal point in today's breakdown. Running Backs currently on the roster:  Stevan Ridley Shane Vereen Branden Bolden Legarrette Blount Leon Washington George Winn Let's start with Stevan Ridley and how he might factor into the mix in 2013.   Stevan Ridley was […]

2013 Patriots Position Preview: Quarterbacks

With the NFL season fast approaching, let's take a look at the Patriots roster by position, seeing how each player will contribute, starting of course with the Quarterbacks. Players currently on the roster: Tom Brady Ryan Mallett Tim Tebow Let's start With Tom Brady.  Brady will be the man under center again as usual for the […]

Why the Patriots Should Not Trade Ryan Mallett

        Ryan Mallett hasn't been heard from much since he entered the NFL.  Taken in the third round of the 2011 NFL Draft, he slid because of character concerns and alleged drug use.  Based on ability, most analysts projected that Mallett would be a first round impact QB who could be the best in his draft class […]

Why Signing John Abraham Is a Must For The Patriots

As the conclusion of the offseason draws closer, there are still some things that need to be addressed with the Patriots.  With all of the drama surrounding Aaron Hernandez, the offense has been a huge topic of conversation as it should be.  Curiously, however, one thing seems to have slipped under the cracks on defense, the Patriots need for pass […]

Will Tom Brady Actually Struggle In 2013?

           Now, before all you Patriots' fans get defensive, hear me out.  For years, Tom Brady has been the cornerstone of the Patriots' organization there is no denying that. Having won three super bowls, with five appearances since entering the league, it can be argued that he is one of, if not the best QB ever to play […]

Ten Names To Watch For The Patriots In 2013

With the regular season roughly two months away, I have taken the liberty of highlighting ten Patriots players who could make a significant impact in 2013. #1 Jake Ballard, TE: With the Patriots tight end situation deteriorating by the day, the Patriots will look to former Giants TE Jake Ballard to fill, at least in part, […]