Don’t Be Worried About the Patriots

So… That officially sucked. No, correction: the past 5 weeks have sucked. I don’t know what happened to these Patriots after Thanksgiving, but the aspects of this team that are usually so precise and trustworthy- the play calling and “Next Man Up” qualities- aren’t so trustworthy anymore. I mean, running the ball on 2nd and […]

Peyton Manning

I know, I know. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN TITLE SOMETHING FOR A PATRIOTS BLOG AS “PEYTON MANNING?” I won’t lie. It feels weird. And gross. This feels a lot like watching that Papa John’s commercial where Manning calls the pizza guy “Papa.” It’s just not right, but please hear me out a sec. On Saturday […]

Facing Another Baffling Loss

Today is one of those days where I consider myself lucky to work in an area of my company’s building where I’m the only football fan. This way, the only person I have to debate about the kick-after-the-coin-toss is myself. I still can’t comprehend that call, so how on earth to justify it to a […]

On Being a Fan

Merry Christmas, Pats Pals! I hope you’ve all had a great holiday week with your family and friends. It’s one in the morning, and the only football-related thing on my mind is why none of my T.V. stations played the TNF game. However, I found a notebook where I’d jotted some thoughts, and I’ll flesh […]

Let’s Keep Rolling!

How are we feeling today, PatsNation? I for one, have been on cloud nine all day! We all knew that short of every Patriot ever being injured, beating the Titans was no problem. Still, it feels good to be seeing what we’re used to from this team. I’m not quite ready to call the rest […]

Patriots Sign 3 Time Pro Bowler Steven Jackson

We all knew this had to be coming. With LeGarrette Blount out for the season with a leg injury, the Patriots needed some depth behind Brandon Bolden and James White in the backfield. With the way that injuries have been finding their way to almost half of the Patriots team, a little bit more depth […]

The Patriots Play Calling Will Improve Come Playoff Time

Over the past few years, the Patriots have been known for their creative and innovative play calling. These calls have incited coaches (John Harbaugh) to whine like a baby and stomp around on the field, have brought about accusations of cheating, and, more commonly, have left Patriot Nation cheering and hollering all night long. End-arounds, […]

Free Agents to Look for and Week 5 Rankings @NateKirsh

Free Agents to Look for This Week and Week 5 Rankings By: Nate Kirshenbaum Alex Smith (41% Owned) – Alex Smith has thrown for a crazy amount of yards this season- even more than Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. The problem? He simply doesn’t have the touchdown passes to make him an every-week quarterback. However, […]

Fantasy Tips and Week 4 Rankings

Before my weekly rankings, here are some tips I’d like to share with you… Michael Vick is not a Reliable Quarterback for your Team Remember the good old days? Michael Vick took the world by storm in his 2010 Eagles campaign with 30 combined touchdowns and only 6 interceptions after many thought his career was […]

Football and Tailgating – The Ultimate Experience.

Kevin_Tame Jr (@Kevin_Tame) Football season has arrived, in fact week 3 is just about wrapped up after tonight’s Monday Night matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Yes, most of us will be watching that game tonight, as we check our fantasy teams, and yes we all like sitting in front […]

Week Three Must Starts #FantasyFootball by @Harrington_25

The first couple weeks of the NFL season are in the past and we can finally start to look ahead, but some would rather stay where they used to be. Those are the fantasy owners of QB Tony Romo and WR Dez Bryant. Two huge blows to the Dallas offense and what could be your […]

Who Are The Jaguars? by @abonvino8

The Patriots are playing a team this weekend coming off of a huge win. The Jacksonville Jaguars upset the Miami Dolphins 23-20 at home in a match-up against their big brother from the South. This will be the young Jaguars first road test of the year. Here are a few keys to watch for in […]


The Patriots are 2-0 and there is of course much rejoicing in the land. The defeat the Steelers at home and then go to the Ralph, wrecking it and Rex Ryan should be celebrated especially given all the whining in the first case and yapping in the second that ensued. However, as the Jacksonville games […]

Week Three #FantasyFootball Add/Drop Candidates

Well, we had another weird week for fantasy football. There were some bright spots, like Calvin Johnson finding the end zone for the first time this season. Most experts were off last week with projections, I unfortunately was one of them. Carson Palmer played great, only throwing for 184 yards, but had 4 touchdowns to […]

Are The Patriots Still The Team To Beat? by @JohnSportsNE

Are the Patriots still the team to beat? I’d have to go with a yes. The rest of the AFC can thank Goodell for making Tom Brady and The New England Patriots even more motivated for this season. Let’s talk offense. Tom Brady has 7 touchdowns and 754 yards in just two games. The Patriots […]

Reaction to The Patriots Win Over Buffalo: by (@curtfield13)

After a week full of chirping and trash talking from Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills the Patriots went into Ralph Wilson Stadium and put on an incredible offensive clinic against one of the best defenses in the league. The final score was 40-32 but the Bills scored 21 unanswered points in garbage time late […]

Hey, PatsPosse! by @MI_masshole

Sunday was awesome, was it not? Nothing better than watching our team shut up those loudmouths in Buffalo. I can’t say I wasn’t concerned in the third though. It looked a whole lot like the Pats were just gonna flush the game. I had to try some deep breathing and remind myself that for the […]

The Bills Super Bowl is over – and they lost! by @NEPatsGirl87

This week was so full of garbage talk from a team that has so much to prove. It was beautiful to hear Rex Ryan say they probably lost the game because of all the talk they did all week. That’s right, Rexy, you need to stop talking and start doing. Take a page or two […]

Rex Ryan can’t put his money where his mouth is by @Kevin_Tame

Raise your hand if you’ve heard this before. Once again a Rex Ryan coached football team spent an entire week building up hype and trash talking their opponent, just too once again disappoint their fan base with a loss on game day. The Patriots just defeated the Bills 40-32 in a game that wasn’t as […]

From The Fans: Kickoff Festivities

I waited 7 months. I endured Deflategate. I listened to the media tear down the Patriots. I heard all the garbage talk from other fans about cheating and scandals. Finally…the NFL season opener! At last, the time to watch football. Once and for all, it was the moment to watch our New England Patriots defend […]