We’re On to Denver!!!

Rocky vs. Drago. Batman vs. Penguin. BSB vs. NSYNC. Jack vs. Cal. McCrae vs. Spoon (Lonesome Dove, kids. Open a book!) Brady vs. Manning. AFC Championship, here we come! Stand up and get excited, Pats Nation! We’re in for another HGH-Deflated Footballs Manning-Brady showdown! It’ll be like the shootout at the O.K. Corral, if Wyatt […]

Aaand I’m Officially Scared

I’m also annoyed, but I’ll get to that later. I’ve been having a continual internal debate about whether or not I should be scared going into the playoffs. These last four games haven’t been the Patriots we’ve been accustomed to seeing. There are so many decimating injuries that I’m trying not to be too harsh […]

Peyton Manning

I know, I know. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN TITLE SOMETHING FOR A PATRIOTS BLOG AS “PEYTON MANNING?” I won’t lie. It feels weird. And gross. This feels a lot like watching that Papa John’s commercial where Manning calls the pizza guy “Papa.” It’s just not right, but please hear me out a sec. On Saturday […]

Facing Another Baffling Loss

Today is one of those days where I consider myself lucky to work in an area of my company’s building where I’m the only football fan. This way, the only person I have to debate about the kick-after-the-coin-toss is myself. I still can’t comprehend that call, so how on earth to justify it to a […]

On Being a Fan

Merry Christmas, Pats Pals! I hope you’ve all had a great holiday week with your family and friends. It’s one in the morning, and the only football-related thing on my mind is why none of my T.V. stations played the TNF game. However, I found a notebook where I’d jotted some thoughts, and I’ll flesh […]

Best Wedding Invite Ever

Best wedding "Save the Date" ever. #LetsParty #OnToTheWedding — New England Patriots (@Patriots) March 10, 2015

Well Deserved…

Malcolm Butler gets a new set of wheels, courtesy of Tom Brady & Chevy: — New England Patriots (@Patriots) February 10, 2015

Pure Joy…

Awesome pic but it kind of reminds me of Dev's face the 1st time he saw SI's Swimsuit issue when we were kids (J-Mac) — Devin&Jason McCourty (@McCourtyTwins) February 9, 2015