Welcome To The @PatriotsExtra Website

We would like to welcome everyone to the new Patriots Extra website. After three years of being in the social media world via Twitter and Facebook, we have taken the next step and moved on to our own website. We will be bringing you the latest for your / our team the New England Patriots. […]

Tom Brady’s Future Still Undecided; Decision Time Reaches Seven-Month Mark

People have stopped asking for a verdict simply because it’s taking too long. The decision on Tom Brady’s appeal for his four-game suspension that was levied by commissioner Roger Goodell after allegations from the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship game for deflating footballs to illegal air pressure levels has not been made, as the […]

New England Patriots Middle Of The Pack In Terms Of NFL Season Travel

The New England Patriots organization has more on their collective minds right now than their travel for the upcoming 2015-16 season. Yesterday, Tom Brady appealed his four-game suspension that currently looms as a result of Deflate-gate. But in an article recently released by, the Patriots are 15th out of 32 NFL teams in terms […]

Rally Bus Makes Attending Patriots Games Easy From Anywhere in New England

The New England Patriots just got done winning their fourth Super Bowl in franchise history in the 2014-15 season. Tom Brady and co. looked like they may have been regressing a bit after sinking to a 2-2 start through the first four weeks of the season, but they stormed back and dismantled team after team […]

Season Opener Against Pittsburgh Is Most Expensive Patriots Ticket For 2015

Once the NFL schedule was released, the New England Patriots began mapping out their road to winning back-to-back Super Bowl championships. It may be early to be talking Super Bowls, but that’s the expectation this Patriots tenure with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick has created on an annual basis. As with many Super Bowl winning […]

Looking Forward: Rounds 1 & 2

There are a few things that have been dangling on my brain lately around the Pats that I’d like to wipe off before taking a blind, marginally thought out stab at the Patriots first two round selections: It is not a big deal that Tom Brady didn’t go to the White House, provided it wasn’t […]

Rounds 5,4,&3- Rolling Toward the First Round

by Kyle Gillis As I move to Rounds 5, 4, and 3, I think it is worth looking at previous 4th and 3rd round picks for the Pats in the BB era. I won’t talk about Round 5 picks- the Pats traded that went to Tampa Bay in a trade where I’m sure the Pats […]

Looking Back/Looking Ahead Round 6

The minute I found out that Darrelle Revis had signed with the Jets I thought back to one of the late 80’s Detroit Pistons team. The Pistons, a group of thugs and clowns had, just won the NBA championship. Almost immediately, they had had their souls ripped out. After winning it all, essentially after those […]

Patriots Tickets Not Expected To Lose Demand Even After Offseason Losses

The Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots have watched as the rest of the AFC East get better. They watched the New York Jets acquire Brandon Marshall and Darrelle Revis, the Dolphins make a big splash by signing Ndamukong Suh, and the Buffalo Bills make the first huge move by trading for LeSean McCoy. The […]

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2015 Patriots’ Free Agent Frenzy

Good afternoon, Patriots fans! The last time I wrote to you guys, the Patriots defeated the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX. Hopefully now the feeling has sunk in for all of you. Now, New England has to regroup and make their team even better than last year’s – whether that means extending the contracts of […]

Pats Draft Round 7

by Kyle Gillis It’s been a month since Malcolm Butler and the “Pick of Destiny” saved snowbound New England from a month-long morass and put an entire region in a good mood. So much has been said about the most clutch defensive play in NFL history, but I think John Madden put in best when […]

New England Patriots schedule preview

The New England Patriots were the 2014 NFL Super Bowl Champions with the perfect storm of a legendary comeback, mixed with one of the most instinctive plays in Super Bowl history dashed with perhaps maybe the worst play call in NFL history. All that matters to the Patriots is that they lifted the Lombari Trophy […]


My Photos from the Parade

Thanks to my job, I get to live in Boston for one year.  It just so happens to be the one year the Patriots finally get over the hump and win title number four.   Perfect timing!  So of course, I decided to skip said job today and head down to the parade.   Yes, it […]


2014 Pick ‘Em Results

Foxboro Blog Pick ‘Em Winners 2010 – Jason Thompson 2011 – Stephen Sheehan 2012 – Derek Hanson 2013 – Jason Thompson 2014 – Derek Hanson