Patriots vs Giants – The Revenge Factor

Whenever the media and fans want to talk about the Patriots biggest rivalries, the teams listed are usually the Jets, Bills, Ravens, Broncos, and Colts. All five of those teams have quite the history against the Patriots whether it’s memorable playoff games,  marquee matchups during the regular season, or a weeks worth of smack talk and […]


Rematch: Patriots v. Giants

Can the Giants be the team to put a speed bump into the Patriots perfect season? Everyone else is talking about it, so why not put my opinion in the mix? Everyone knows about that perfect season – the one where the Patriots went 16 and 0 in the regular season, beat the Jacksonville Jaguars […]

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Who Can Stop the Patriots?

The 8-0 New England Patriots currently sit atop the AFC alongside the Cincinnati Bengals who are also, surprisingly, undefeated at 8-0. The Broncos, who were 7-0 heading into this weekend, ended up losing to the Colts in Indianapolis Sunday afternoon. There is no denying that what and Cincinnati and Denver have done is impressive, but […]


Patriots Midseason Point- What to Expect Here on Out

(@Kevin_Tame) So we have reached week 9 of the NFL football season. The calendar has turned to November, temperatures are dropping, leaves are falling, and daylight savings time has come and gone. Some might argue football season is officially underway. Week 9 will come to an end after tonight’s game between the Bears and Chargers, leaving the number […]


Pats Staying Perfect

The pursuit of perfection is absolutely on the minds of every Patriots fan. With a 7 and 0 start, Brady’s touchdown to interception ratio, the good offensive completion percentage, a defense that looks like it gets stronger each week, scoring totals and a coaching staff that makes necessary in-game adjustments, it is hard to ignore […]


Redskins – Seemingly Automatic

It could seem arrogant, braggadocios, dismissive or even rude to simply mark the Redskins off as a fate complete win for the Patriots as they too are a professional football team and the belief is that any given Sunday one team could beat another. This belief for the Redskins would be unfounded at best when attempting […]


Anticlimactic Dolphins

So the Dolphins are going to met the Patriots for a Thursday game. It is another divisional rival so that raises the level of intensity but after Sunday’s game that was all it was expected to be this one stirs up the level of excitement that is on par with watching a hot knife take […]


Tailgating in Style – Aussie Beef & Lamb Style!

Kevin_Tame Jr (@Kevin_Tame) Welcome to tailgating season in New England. Up here, tailgating isn’t just a way to kill time an hour or two before kickoff. Fans show up just about four hours before kickoff and quickly set up their grills, canopies, coolers, and games, and that’s just the pregame festivities before kickoff. Most fans stick […]


Tales Of Revis Island @TXPatsSteveR

It’s JETS WEEK and with it comes – The Return of the Revis  [ cue blood curdling shriek and spooky music] while the music and shriek maybe a bit over the top there is little doubt the Revis returning strikes no small amount of fear. However, we all need to keep in mind that while […]

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Jets Represent Huge Test for the Patriots

In 2014, the Jets once again finished in the bottom of the AFC East with a mark of 4-12. Coming into this season I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from the Patriots’ hated rival, but I was almost positive they were still going to finish in the cellar of the division. As it stands […]

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New England vs. Indianapolis – Rapid Reaction

No, it wasn’t quite the blowout that all of Patriots Nation had hoped for, but nonetheless the Patriots got a big road win and sit atop the AFC East at a perfect 5-0. With next week’s matchup against the red hot New York Jets looming, I can guarantee you that the Patriots have switched their […]

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All About Revenge, Right?

  The game that was circled first when the schedule came out is finally here. The game that was circled for multiple reasons. Originally, it was to be Brady’s triumphant return against the team that put him in the 4 game drunk tank of Roger Goodell. Nope. Circled because the Colts are typically a team […]

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Pats in Big D

A big win in big D! I was lucky enough to be there to share in that excitement with thousands of other Pats fans. Jerry’s World a/k/a AT&T Stadium is a definite treat. The place is huge, has plenty of choices for food and drink and fun tailgating options right outside the stadium. It has […]

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It’s Colts Week, Baby!

It has been 270 days since the Patriots drubbed the Colts 45-7 in the AFC Championship Game and advanced to their 6th Super Bowl in the Belichick and Brady era. It should have kicked off two weeks of jubilance leading up to Super Bowl 49, but instead it was the exact opposite. The Colts ran […]

Roger Goodell still proving he’s out to get Tom Brady

Kevin_Tame Jr (@Kevin_Tame) So by now every single football fan is well aware of deflategate, and the way the NFL managed that situation. Whether you are a Patriots fan or not, you know the NFL went overboard in their attempt to bring down the Patriots. It was such a rough offseason that now Roger Goodell’s […]

Parity, Oh Sweet Parity! @txpatsstever The bye week for the Patriots is now in the rear view and it on to the thirteen game gauntlet beginning with the Cowboys. However, to steal a Star Wars like quote – These are not the Cowboys you are looking for. The expected level of competition at this point isn’t and I must […]


Free Agents to Look for and Week 5 Rankings @NateKirsh

Free Agents to Look for This Week and Week 5 Rankings By: Nate Kirshenbaum Alex Smith (41% Owned) – Alex Smith has thrown for a crazy amount of yards this season- even more than Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. The problem? He simply doesn’t have the touchdown passes to make him an every-week quarterback. However, […]

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3 Up, 3 Down By: @curtfield13

The Patriots bye week is officially over and Patriots Nation can’t wait for next week’s matchup in Dallas. Every year the Pats’ bye week is torturous because any weekend without Patriots football is a bad one. The good news is that we won’t have to deal with a week without a Patriots game until they […]

New England Patriots See Lower Ticket Prices Against Weeden-Led Dallas Cowboys

It only took three games, but talks of the New England Patriots going undefeated have already started to surface after looking like one of the best teams in the NFL in the early going. After celebrating the release of last season’s Super Bowl banner on NFL’s opening night against the Pittsburgh Steelers with a 28-21 […]