How To Protect Your Upper Body When Playing American Football

 Football protective gear for upper body

When a season of football begins, not many scarier things exist to a football player than being injured when playing the game they love. The player needs to face very tough and hardened defensive backs with the main goal of knocking you down. Oftentimes, the wind literally gets knocked out of you.

Nonetheless, as longs as a player has the ability of getting back up and trainers as well as all the coaches declare that you are fit to get back out to the gridiron, the player won’t have any problem with it. Unfortunately, a number of football players know the impact that an injury has. You can be the best in your team which means that you are a highly sought after football player. It’s unfortunate that many dreams are usually put on hold or they end quicker due to an injury suffered by a player. In all levels of a football career, there are very many injuries that are witnessed, be it on the college or even professional level.

Whether you are a player in the NFL teams or aspiring to be one, there are many injuries you are predisposed to and there are a number that target the upper body. Some of the injuries you can get to the upper body include injuries to the wrist, the hands and fingers and injuries to the elbows. The injuries may occur in contact practice or during the actual game.

Luckily, there are a number of sports equipment out there ensuring that you can adequately protect yourself from injuries to upper body parts. Ensuring that you have each of these equipment will not only ensure that you efficiently protect yourself, but also will ensure that your dream does not become short-lived. The following is a list of essential accessories for protection to the upper body parts.

Shoulder pads

Football being dangerous as it is, adequately protecting your upper body parts especially the shoulders is a difficult task despite the numerous advancements that have been made in regard to the protective pieces of equipment now available in the market. Regardless of all that, we have accessories like the shoulder pads that are indispensable. Football shoulder pads are classified according to the position that a football player plays. These are a very vital piece of accessory which every player must have before they get into the pitch.

Classification of shoulder pads

All purpose : Have bigger shoulder flaps and they go down the body to offer even more protection.

QW/WR pads: Have shoulder flaps that are smaller and they don’t go down the body far. This is such that the player is given maximum mobility and a wide range of mobility whilst having minimal weight.

DR/RB pads: Also have shoulder pads that are smaller but they go farther down the body to offer more protection.

Lineman pads: This offer the most protection as they shoulder flaps are very big and they go very far down the body of the player.

Football back plates

The football back plate is an essential gear for protection on the field as it is very efficient in absorbing impact arising from violent body contact with opposing football players. A back plate of great quality like all other pieces of equipment should offer protection to the player without adding any more weight that can bog him down. Attaching the back plates is an easy task to the majority of shoulder pads available so that you can offer optimum protection to the spine, lower back and the kidneys from impact received when you get hits to the back.

Football rib protectors

The football rib protector is especially very important in the niche of sporting accessories. Rib protectors are protective pieces of sport equipment attached to the shoulder pads to offer protection to the ribs of a player. Wearing the rib protector is not a must but then if you really care or want an assurance for your safety on the gridiron, it is a very wise decision to wear one. For the skill players such as the quarterbacks, it’s a very vital piece of equipment with the reason being that these are the players who are most likely to face tackles as usually have ball in their hands, so if the ribs are left out of the plan for protection it could prove fatal.