Pats Staying Perfect

The pursuit of perfection is absolutely on the minds of every Patriots fan. With a 7 and 0 start, Brady’s touchdown to interception ratio, the good offensive completion percentage, a defense that looks like it gets stronger each week, scoring totals and a coaching staff that makes necessary in-game adjustments, it is hard to ignore the “perfect” rumblings. Lucky for us, Belichick has trained the team to do just that – do not look ahead, stay focused one week at a time, one opponent at a time.

Of course, I want to win every game. It has been awesome to watch the Pats make some mistakes in the first half and clean it up in the second half. It has been a joy to go 3 and 0 in the division – a division that non-believers thought may actually go to the Jets, Bills or Dolphins! It has been amazing to hear the fans cheering and chanting for our quarterback. It really was a pleasure (though a bit of a nail biter) taking down the team that started all the negativity earlier this year, ahem, Colts.

We are not quite half way through with the season. We have some formidable opponents left to play. It can be nerve wracking to face teams we do not go up against too often – Redskins, Eagles, Texans and Titans are left. It is always tough to play teams in the division and we have three of those games left. Then, there are the nemesis games – Giants and Broncos. With plenty of football left and our championship title to defend, there is nothing we can take for granted.

This Patriots team has been compared to the 2007 squad over and over again. This team has also been compared to the Super Bowl Championship teams of the early 2000s. Although it is nice to hear positivity from the media these days, it is not conclusions I want to jump to. I would like to take Belichick’s route – one week at a time, one opponent at a time.