Salsa or dip with your football?

On the heels of the death of the Deflategate saga the NFL is researching adding a three gram computer chip to the balls.

The change will test kicks in the upcoming season to see if narrowing the goal posts to make the kicking game more competitive is feasible. Additionally, the chips may will also assist with ball placement for critical down and distance plays.

The one glaring feature the chips will not support is the monitoring of the PSI of the balls. We can just file that under the things that make you go HMMMMMMMMM? along with the league failure to release any of the random PSI tests done this past season.

However, this change if implemented leaves me with the follow question:

Since the NFL official measurement for a football under Rule 2 is in pounds, inches and ounces will the three gram difference for the new standard be ignored?

Remember Pats Nation it is all about integrity of the game.