Round Table: Biggest Disappointment

What has been the most disappointing aspect of this Patriots season nine games in?

Jason: It's hard to point to a single aspect of the team that has been a disappointment. A lot of folks have singled out the receiving corps for abuse, but it's tough to expect much considering all of the injuries they've had to endure. If there is a source of disappointment, it has to be the number of players who have ended up on IR. If this team were healthy, they'd be the odd-on favorites to win the Super Bowl.

Raj: The injury bug. It has to be because injuries have killed the Patriots, primarily on the defense. Pretty much every defensive starter for the Patriots has gotten hurt, and some have been ruled out for the year. It's sad because if you imagine the Patriots this season without any injuries, it very well could be undefeated right now. 7-2 is not even bad but considering the amount of injuries this team is weathering week by week, I don't know how long they can keep up the consistency of winning games.

Derek: This question was an easy one to answer as all three of us are going the same direction.  The Patriots defense looked like they could be something special, akin to the Super Bowl-winning defenses of the early 2000's. Then the Pats lost Wilfork, then Mayo, and then Tommy Kelly.  The defense is still holding it together and should still be above average when Talib returns. However, those injuries cost us a defense that could have potentially given us another 3-point Peyton Manning playoff game.  

Derek Hanson

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