So, Now What???

Yes the title is rhetoric. There isn’t really a clear answer to it. However, I hope everyone is doing alright and has gotten over that AFC Championship. It gets me wondering though, where does PatsNation stand now? What do you all plan to do from now till August? The 2012 Pro Bowl is tomorrow but there isn’t much of hype in that because no one from the Patriots ever plays. I will be watching the Pro Bowl tomorrow because though there won’t be sufficient New England representation in Hawaii, football is a spot very dearest to my heart. In my opinion, it would be pure injustice if I didn’t watch it. If there are some Pats fans who can’t watch or don’t want to watch, I totally understand. But for those who are, count me in and let’s go AFC!

Now here’s the big question. How many Patriots fans will watch Super Bowl 47? From my twitter feed the past week, I have noticed that there have been quite a few Patriots fans that straight up said they will not be watching the Super Bowl. While I find that hard to believe, it’s shocking that some wouldn’t even watch it. I can’t imagine anyone in the US who wouldn’t pay attention to the Super Bowl unless he/she had some prior commitments. I definitely will be watching as will rest of the staff on FoxboroBlog. Who we root for is a mystery. I for one, will be rooting for the San Francisco 49ers. This of course, is not because I have some animosity towards the Baltimore Ravens. There is a rivalry don’t get me wrong, but they beat the Patriots legitimately. In addition, the Ray Lewis drama is also riding the Ravens on high spirits. I want the 49ers because I want our boy Randy Moss to get that one ring he’s been searching for his whole life. And let me tell you right now, I definitely think he will play the game of his life in the Super Bowl. It would be a disappointment if he didn’t. I’m 100% sure that not every Patriots fan would be rooting for the 49ers, however on Yahoo’s “Sportacular” App (where you can pick who you think will win), the majority of New England picked for SF. Where I live (New Jersey), it was a narrow poll but it favored the Ravens (not too many Patriots fans in my area).That being said, the general consensus among Patriots fans is that they want the 49ers to win.

Finally, how much will PatsNation pay attention to the offseason. Last season was one not even worth paying attention to because the Patriots’ loss to the Giants sparked a great stretch of disinterest. However this offseason looks to be a bit different. Wes Welker and Aqib Talib are key free agents and frankly, I think it will be difficult to sign them both. You have Welker, who is a great wide receiver but as of late, has failed to show up in big games yet still poses as a great asset on the New England offense. Then you have Talib, whose presence was much needed in the Patriots’ secondary. Arguably, the defense was shut down when Talib exited the AFC Championship with an injury. We probably haven’t seen a CB with his talent since Asante Samuel. Kyle Arrington is also a free agent but let’s be honest, I doubt the Patriots will bring him back. I would be shocked if they do because he has underperformed to a level that is simply unacceptable. It’s going to be an interesting offseason nonetheless! Hopefully the Patriots push all the right buttons to make an even better team next season. To see them win the Super Bowl in my state would be a dream-come-true. In Bill We Trust!

Raj Vaidya

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