3rd and Long: Patriots vs. Jets

I’ve spent nine weeks plotting and scheming ways to make fun of Rex Ryan for this weekend’s matchup.  Little did I know that he’d do all the work for me.  Without further ado, Foxboro Blog provides an exclusive sneek peek into the Jets team meeting this past week.  This is footage that you simply won’t find anywhere else…

First Down: What a sissy…

Rex Ryan is clearly not a conventional coach.  When he first took the Jets job, he decided that it would be a good idea ruffle the feathers of the league’s best and most-deadly coach, a coach who happened to lead the team that had dominated the Jets’ division for the past decade, a coach he would have to face twice a year.  Sure, you can argue that the statement that Ryan didn’t come to New York to “kiss Belichick’s rings” wasn’t actually derogatory, but it was unnecessary.  Why bring up Belichick at all?  Why start throwing fuel on a media fire?  Belichick’s beef with the Jets could have been over with the dismissal of Mangini.  Parcells was gone, as were most of his former players, and the dirty rat who betrayed him had been flushed down the sewer.  With the Jets rebuilding and Miami taking the division in 2008, it was the perfect time for the Jets to make nice and fly under the Patriots radar.

Instead, Rex Ryan decides to run his mouth and set the wrong example for his young team.  When the Jets started chirping prior to their Week 2 matchup with New England, I believe that they were pouring a world of hurt on themselves.  Luckily for them, the schedule makers happened to put the game very early in to Tom Brady’s rehab and a week where the Pats were without Wes Welker.  The Jets were surprisingly able to back up they’re talk.  Unfortunately, the world of hurt was not prevented, just delayed.  It’s now Week 11, and the once “up and coming” Jets have looked nothing more than pitiful in recent weeks.  Turns out all that over-confidence and trash talk that I predicted would lead to their doom has done them in more quickly that I expected.

Talk is cheap.  It’s what you do on the field that counts.  It’s a tough lesson for a young team to learn, and perhaps one that’s even harder on a new head coach.  You see, the Jets’ recent performance supposedly drove Rex Ryan to tears in a team meeting.  The fat and bastardly one tried to play it off as a joke later in the week, but the damage has been done.  I don’t see Bill Belichick breaking out the water works any time soon, but even if he did, he’s a three-time Super Bowl Champion head coach.  He’s got a reputation that commands respect.   Rex Ryan, is a rooke coach.  He runs his mouth.  His fingers are constanly moist with the grease of fried chicken.  He has questionable hygiene from an inabillity to properly wash all his body areas and clean underneath his rolls.  And now he’s breaking down crying after a loss to the Jaguars.

This cannot end well for New York.

2nd Down:  No Man’s an Island

Jet’s cornerback Darrelle Revis had a good game against Randy Moss in Week 2.  There’s just no denying it.  Revis, however, seems to want all the credit for Moss’s lack of production.   When Randy suggested that Revis may have had some help from his safties in covering Moss, Revis vehemently insisted that he was one-on-one vs. Moss the entire day.  The message was clear: Revis did it all by himself.

The fact of the matter is, whether Revis had assistance from a saftey or not, he didn’t do it all by himself.  He played Moss well, perhaps better than anyone has since Randy became a Patriot, but he had help.  The Jets’ blitz had by far the biggest impact on the Patriots passing game in Week 2.  Brady was pressured constantly in the game’s second half, leading to a shut-out in quarters three and four.  The Jets blanked the Patriots as a team.  Moss was held to a lackluster day by that team.  It wasn’t all about Revis.

That’s exactly the type of sentiment that you’d never hear out of the Patriots’ locker room.  When Brady has a big day, it’s because of his line and his receivers.  It’s never about one person.


3rd Down:  The Bounce Back

I haven’t heard much talk of people wondering how the Patriots will “bounc back” from such a devastating loss in Indianapolis.  Perhaps the media has finally learned their lesson.  Perhaps the Patriots squelched all that talk themselves by the clear focus on the Jets during their interviews this week.  That being said, this game isn’t a fore-gone conclusion.  The Jets will be bringing everything they’ve got.  They’re blitz was devastating in Week 2.  If the Patriots fail to get a running game established, it could be a long afternoon.  I’m not worried about Belichick, or Brady, or our defense bouncing back.  I’m worried about Maroney.  Our running game has been the achilles heel of this team all season.  All the points in the world won’t matter if the Patriots can’t enforce their will and hold onto their leads as the game rolls on and the defense begins to tire. The ground game is gonig to be key both tomorrow and the rest of the ’09 season.


And Long…

Patriots 24, Jets 3

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