A New Yorker’s Perspective on Super Bowl XLVI

I have the privilege, well sometimes it can be a detriment to be a fan of a team that lives in one city, but live in the city of the opposition. Five years ago, I was at the final regular season game in Giants Stadium to watch the Patriots complete the first sixteen game undefeated regular season in NFL history. Tom Brady and the Patriots were on the verge of something totally special. Then, the Super Bowl came along.

Now, I have no problem dealing with the Jets’ fans in New York City because at the time, Jets’ fans were not as loud as they used to be. The Giants were a team that the Patriots had already beaten that year, so it felt like a sense that history would happen. Watching the game with a bunch of Giants’ fans as the game got tighter and tighter made it even more nerve wracking. Brady completes the touchdown to Moss to give New England the lead with 2:00 to go and I was ready for the greatest moment in my fan hood.

Then, the unthinkable happened. To this day, I try very hard to avoid any clips of that final drive from Eli Manning whether it be the Asante Samuel dropped interception, the David Tyree catch, or the Plaxico Burress touchdown. That was a low point for me as the next day was filled with a lot of low points going back to a New York school as a Patriots’ fan. In fact, I tried to watch that Super Bowl when it was replayed on Monday night on NFL Network and could not get my mind to flip to that channel.

Five years later, I am a college student, getting to write for the team I love to root for, this game that will be played next Sunday is not only a revenge/redemption tour for the Patriots, but revenge for me. I was asked on a show I co-hosted Sunday night whether I would give back two of the Patriots’ three titles just to see them win this one in Indianapolis. I actually paused for a second on that one. That shows you how much I want this win!

This win would start to put Tom Brady into the discussion as the greatest of all-time among quarterbacks and complete the rock band revenge tour that he and Belichick are on this season. So far this week, I have seen a lot of people lean towards Eli Manning in this matchup of quarterbacks. All I am saying is as great as Manning has been this year, you still have to take Brady because he just never seems to play two bad games.

See, it is not the Giants’ fans that anger Patriots’ fans in New York because Giants fans are classy. It is the Jets’ fans who pretend to be Giants fans that actually do the most talking, but there is no surprise in that.

Here’s hoping we have a great Super Bowl and we at Foxboro Blog will have all the coverage for you over the next week!

Derek Hanson

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Doctor by day, blogger by night, Derek Hanson is the founder of the Bloguin Network and has been a Patriots fan for more than 20 years.