Around the NFL: 05/13/11

Around the NFL is a weekly feature on Foxboro Blog offering an irreverent (and sometimes humorous) look at some of the top news stories from the NFL. Read at your own risk.

  • If it weren’t for Twitter, this column might not exist. Thankfully, social media has opened up a whole new medium for athletes to trumpet their stupidity. This week’s winner is Reggie Bush, who tweeted that he’s enjoying the rest and relaxation brought on by the lockout. This comes after he skipped team workouts that were organized and financed by Drew Brees and tweeted his goodbyes to New Orleans after they drafted Mark Ingram. I’m not sure which organization will sign him after he’s cut by the Saints, but I’m sure that team will appreciate the fact that he’s saving them oodles of money by appearing lazy, self-centered and entitled.
  • More lockout news: the players are seeking $707 million in damages due to owners’ sweetheart TV deal. Trying to keep up with all of the legal developments from the lockout has been exhausting. Does anybody really care which side wins anymore? I just want to see this settled as soon as possible. Preferably in the manner of all important sports stories– in a pandering, contrived, hour-long special on ESPN.
  • The Packers recently announced that they will retire Brett Favre’s number as soon as they’re sure he has actually retired. If I set the over/under on that halftime ceremony taking place in four years, how many people would honestly take the under?
  • After the whole pro soccer thing didn’t work out, Chad Ochocinco said he may take up bull riding. Yes, bull riding. I suppose if that doesn’t pan out, he has yet to tap the vast potential of rhythmic gymnastics. Admit it, if you knew Chad Ochocinco was going to be doing a floor exercise with the little ribbon thingy on ESPN2 at the same time as American Idol … OK, you’d probably just watch re-runs of Pawn Stars. I can’t blame you for that.
  • A former Colts cheerleader is suing the team after she was fired for posing nude for Playboy. After many, many hours of exhaustive internet research on this subject (mostly on Google image search), I would rule in favor of the nude cheerleader. Case closed.
  • Panthers WR Steve Smith announced that he has not demanded a trade. He simply met with ownership to express his desire to play for a competitive team. In other words, he demanded a trade.
  • And finally, we’ll wrap up with a bit of warm and fuzzy Patriots news. Ty Warren will be taking part in graduation ceremonies at Texas A&M this weekend after earning his college degree. Here’s hoping he can return to form next year and school some opposing quarterbacks.