Around the NFL: 06/17/11

Around the NFL is a weekly feature on Foxboro Blog offering an irreverent (and sometimes humorous) look at some of the top news stories from the NFL. Read at your own risk!


·         Last week, I noted that taking the lawyers out of the labor dispute was a good thing. They were included in the meetings this week, and according to one source, talks almost blew up. It’s becoming crystal clear where the problem lies. It’s not the greedy owners or the greedy players. It’s the greedy, high-profile lawyers. Hopefully the other leagues are paying attention.


·         Plaxico Burress announced this week that he would participate in anti-violence programs for young people. He should be a natural fit since the only person he ever shot was himself.


·         Michael Strahan and Giants chairman Steve Tisch recently appeared in an ad campaign in favor of gay marriage, while all-time Super Bowl luckbox (yes, I’m still bitter) David Tyree said the practice could lead to anarchy. The larger question is why anybody cares about the political opinions of athletes. Relying on football players, team executives or celebrities for information on public policy is like getting all your info on nuclear fission from rodeo clowns.


·         In a rare piece of positive football news, Chiefs TE Leonard Pope recently saved a six-year-old child from drowning at a pool party. The boy’s mother noted that Pope was the only one at the party who knew how to swim. Call me crazy, but that seems like it should be a prerequisite for having a pool party. But still, kudos are in order for Pope. If you’re only going to make one catch a year, you gotta make it count!


·         And finally, we come to my favorite story of the week — the NFL is investigating an advertisement for an adult film event that featured several NFL players. Players who weren’t featured in the ad, but should have been based solely on the comedic value of their names, include: Chris Wienke, Damien Woody, Richard Seymour and anybody with the last name Johnson. There’s gotta be a Roethlisberger joke here somewhere too. Feel free to add your own joke in the comments section.


·         A bonus bullet on this story — one of the players featured in the ad, Chicago’s Major Wright, took to Twitter to deny his involvement. “FYI… I have NOTHING to do with the Exotic Expo @ the Rosemont!” Does that make him kinda like the guy in the porn movies who happens across a couple in the act, then shrugs his shoulders and joins in? And a more pertinent question: if you’re not promoting the event, why bother to mention the venue to everyone who follows you on Twitter? If you’re going that far, just go ahead and push that 140-character restriction to the limit and mention the date, time and appropriate attire. We won’t fault you for it.