Around the NFL 6/24

Around the NFL is a weekly feature on Foxboro Blog offering an irreverent (and sometimes humorous) look at some of the top news stories from the NFL. Read at your own risk!

  • The Kansas City Chiefs are making the most of the lockout by helping the victims of the destructive Joplin tornado. They managed to get 136 members of the organization to help out with the clean-up efforts, and they’re selling t-shirts to help raise money to help the town rebuild. In a news cycle that cares more about stupid players, greedy owners and Chad Ochocinco, this story did not get nearly enough press.
  • If I have to type “the owners and players met this week, and both sides reported some progress” one more time, my fingers are going to climb away from the keyboard and into the back of my throat.
  • One positive that has come out of the meetings – a 16-game Thursday night schedule beginning in 2012. Even better news? The broadcast team will no longer feature Matt Millen or Joe Theismann. It’s an overwhelmingly positive development for those of us who were dreading the thought of our wives lobbying to watch garbage like the results show for The Bachelorette on Thursday nights. Not tonight, sister. Football is ON!
  • David Tyree said this week that he would trade his lucky Super Bowl catch to prevent gay marriage. I say, done deal. If you get your teammates to forfeit that game and give the Patriots their 19-0 season, I promise I will NOT marry a guy.
  • Braylon Edwards wrecked his Audi this week. His steering wheel is made of leather. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that it slipped out of his hands.
  • Kenny Britt is lobbying to have his own weekly feature in this column soon. This week, someone “hacked” his Twitter, posting that he was retiring before launching a particularly naughty expletive at the Commish. Then the “hacker” had a change of heart and apologized for offending the Commish or worrying his fans. Then a few minutes later, Britt revealed that he’d been “hacked.” I can sympathize since the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. Somebody stole my Facebook password for the sole purpose of posting kind messages to all of my loved ones. It was probably the same guy.
  • Donovan McNabb worked out with his old teammates from Philly this week. He still hit less than 60 percent of his attempts. Even the handoffs.
  • Broncos linebacker Jason Hunter was hospitalized after his girlfriend accidentally threw a knife at him, striking him in the chest. 1) How to you accidentally throw a knife at someone? 2) If Tebow is that accurate, Denver might win 7 games next year. 3) The Raiders should give her a 3-year deal since she’s already shown more ability to penetrate the Denver defense than Jason Campbell.