Brady to Have Foot Surgery

Reports are out today that Tom Brady will be undergoing foot surgery to repair a stress fracture.  This appears to be a bit of a surprise, as Brady was recently quoted as saying that he was thankful that this off-season would be surgery-free.  Nevertheless, this surgery is relatively minor compared to some of the other operations he’s undergone in the past and the general consensus is that Brady will be fully recovered in time for training camp. 


In related news, Foxboro Blog has some inside information.  Sources are telling us that Rex Ryan took time away from his preparation for the AFC Title game to contact Brady after news of his injury broke.  The rival head coach apparently left a message on Brady’s cell phone wishing him well during surgery and made an offer to help “lick his wounds” during the off-season. 

Needless to say, Brady has not returned the call.

Derek Hanson

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