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Breaking Down The First Month Of The Patriots Season

The New England Patriots were dealt a rash of bad luck, free agency losses and injuries in 2013, yet they still went 12-4 and advanced to the AFC title game. And Tom Brady still gets called overrated. It’s remarkable, but Patriots fans know the haters will keep on hating. Instead of buying into it, New England fans know there is always next year for another chance to make a run at the Super Bowl.

The Pats’ constant prowess in the AFC East and AFC in general is a big reason why they don’t want for ticket sales. Let’s take a look at their September games and in particular, a breakdown of prices for Patriots tickets, brought to you by ticket data provider

Week 1 (Sep. 7th) @ Miami Dolphins | Avg: $250 | Get-in: $57

Patriots fans get a solid discount if they make the trip to Miami, when New England kicks off 2014 as a heavy favorite against the division rival Fins. Ryan Tannehill and co. represent a tougher task than in past years, but Tom Brady and the Pats still own the AFC East. Anything less than a 1-0 start would be a shock.

Week 2 (Sep. 14th) @ Minnesota Vikings | Avg: $224 | Get-in: $84

The Patriots don’t have the worst schedule to start 2014, but they do have to march out on the road in back to back contests to get things going. The Vikings are task number two on the schedule in September, as Adrian Peterson and the Purple People Eaters welcome New England into town. Minnesota’s major changes on both sides of the ball could help make this closer than advertised, but New England remains the vastly superior team and should start 2014 off at 2-0.

Week 3 (Sep. 21st) VS. Oakland Raiders | Avg: $378 | Get-in: $143

The Raiders normally aren’t a good reason to cause a spike in ticket prices, but New England’s third game of 2014 happens to be their home opener. Even though it’s their first game at home and a likely win against a bad Raiders squad, it’s a reasonable discount for loyal fans. A get-in price of $143 isn’t bad to see Tom Brady dismantle the hapless Raiders. With Gillette Stadium parking beginning at $38, it will cost a fan less than $175 to get in to the stadium.

Week 4 (Sep. 29th) VS. Kansas City Chiefs | Avg: $199 | Get-in: $54

The final game of September is easily the best deal of the month concerning Patriots tickets, as they get their first truly tough opponent of 2014 at home. New England will have its hands full trying to contain the elusive Jamaal Charles, while Brady and the offense will try to evade Kansas City’s elite pass rush. It should culminate in an intense battle, but one the Pats can still claim to get September closed out right with a 4-0 start.