BREAKING NEWS: Moss to Minnesota?

If this goes down, consider me floored.  The Patriots offense without Moss would be seriously weakened to the point where their small Super Bowl hopes would all but disappear.  Moss may have been held catchless on Monday Night, but without him drawing the defense’s attention, life gets much tougher for Welker, Hernandez, and pretty much every other Patriots offensive player.  He is, without question, one of the most vital players to this team.
That being said, I am uncertain about Moss’ long-term status with the team.  So if a team like the Vikings, who are in “win now” mode are willing to pay a king’s ransom to pry away Randy, it makes sense that the Patriots, who are clearly in “try to win this year, but rebuild a dynasty in two years” mode would be willing to listen.  Adding yet another 1st round pick to the Patriots arsenal may be too good of an opportunity to pass up if they really have no intention of extending Moss past this season.
Derek Hanson

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