BREAKING NEWS: Tom Brady in Car Crash

Reports are coming from Boston area news stations that Tom Brady was involved in a two-car accident at around 6:15am this morning.  According to those sources, Brady was apparrently “pretty banged up”.  However, his injuries are likely somewhat limited as he refused medical attention at the scene, preferring to be seen by the doctors at the Patriots’ training facility.

For starters, I want to say that I’m thankful that Brady appears to be in reasonably good shape following this incident.  This certainly doesn’t appear to be a life-threatening collision.  However, it’s still not clear if he sustained any injuries that would preclude him from participating in Sunday’s game.

I’m sure word of this will spread like wildfire, so you can probably find updates at places other than Foxboro Blog, but I will keep the situation updated as more reports surface.

*** Update – All accounts are that Tom Brady is uninjured from the accident and attended practice as usual today with the team.


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