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Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks!

Good evening, everyone! I assume everyone watched Super Bowl XLVIII on FOX tonight. This article is not meant to be a recap. Rather, this article is to recognize the Seattle Seahawks and their fans. On behalf of everyone at FoxboroBlog, we congratulate the Seahawks and their fans on the victory tonight over the Denver Broncos. Whether you were at the game, at home, at a bar, or elsewhere, you all finally got to see the team win their 1st ever Super Bowl.

Honestly, you guys were champions since week 1. We saw what Seattle’s defense was capable of after their games vs. Carolina and San Francisco. I feel Richard Sherman was robbed of that Defensive Player of the Year award, because he deserved it. But I don’t think he cares because being a Super Bowl Champion feels a lot better. In addition, Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch both had a tremendous season and their offensive talent finally paid off tonight. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t like the Seahawks one bit, but you have to respect a good team. More than that, the Seattle Seahawks showed tonight why they aren’t just a good team, they’re also the best team in the NFL. I’d like to give a shoutout to our fellow writers at SeahawksAddicts, who are all big diehard Seahawks fans. So once again 12s, congrats on seeing your team win the Super Bowl in my home state of New Jersey. You guys are very loyal to the team and are one of the best fans in all of football. The night and the next few months are all yours – enjoy it!

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