Could Randy Moss Be On His Way Back to Foxboro? Not Likely

With the earth-shaking news that the Vikings waived Randy Moss, a number of Patriots fans have questioned whether Randy Moss could end up back in New England. While it would be exciting to see Randy Moss back in Foxboro, I think the prospects of his return in 2010 are highly unlikely.

Moss was placed on waivers, which means teams have the right to claim him in order of their waiver priority. Waiver priority is based on a team’s record, with the worst record earning the highest waiver priority. Since the Patriots have the league’s best record, the only way they could end up with Moss is if the other 31 NFL teams all decide that his antics would create too much of a distraction. With a number of teams in desperate need of a gamebreaking WR (the Rams, Redskins, Raiders, Chiefs, Browns, Bears and Jaguars all come to mind), Moss is almost certain to be snatched off waivers before the Patriots get a shot at him.

Derek Hanson

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