Danny Woodhead on the Madden 2012 Cover?

Everyone’s favorite NFL game is back and better than ever and its put the fans in charge of who gets the honor to be on the cover of Madden 12. This year, due to the bracket success of the NCAA Tournament, EA Sports has decided to do a 32 player bracket to determine the cover person with the fans voting on each matchup.

Each team was given one representative each, well unless you count Seattle’s 12th man as a player. With New England, you would think the nomination would be Tom Brady, Wes Welker, Vince Wilfork, or even Jerod Mayo. No, Danny Woodhead is on the bracket and as a 4 seed no less. This is an absolute stunner. Being a New Yorker, Woodhead has come a long way. Back in August, it was a question on whether he would make the New York Jets’ roster, but now he has become a key running back in the New England Patriots’ offensive scheme.

He has a great chance to make the third round. In the first round, he takes on Buffalo Bills WR Steve Johnson. Johnson was well known for the drop and the “thanking God” press conference last season, but still had a great season. The winner of that matchup would get either Giants WR Hakeem Nicks or Redskins LB Brian Orakpo, a winnable section for Woodhead until he has to go up against Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers in the third round.

To those asking why Tom Brady is never considered to be on the Madden Cover, especially after his MVP season, Brady has been on the cover for a NFL game before. Other than Backyard Football 2008, Brady was on the cover of 989 Sports’ NFL Gameday 2003. Maybe, if there is a Madden curse, we are better off with a figure like Woodhead viable for the cover than a well known star. I mean, nobody could even recognize Woodhead working at Modell’s in Massachsetts.

Now, if you want to play a role in helping Woodhead or even putting a friendly curse on Jets’ QB Mark Sanchez who is one of the five seeds, go to ESPN.com and cast your vote. Even if the NFL season starts late, at least we will still have Madden.

Derek Hanson

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