Divisional Round NFL Pick ‘Em

Well, it looks like yours truly was absolutely right about Wild Card weekend being anything but predictable.  While my two colleagues played it safe and went with the “consensus” four picks, I decided to march to the beat of my own drum.  Part of it was out of necessity.  (I’m down two games with the clock ticking!) But part of it was also due to the fact that I would have bet the house that at least one of those four fan favorites was going to be upset. 

So I was right about the upsets.  Unfortunately, it did nothing to improve my placement in the standings.  You see, it wasn’t Michael Vick and the Eagles knocking off everyone’s over-hyped 6th seed Packers, but rather the Seahawks stunning the defending champions.  The points I gained guessing the Jets victory were washed away by David Akers’ two shanked field goals.  Everybody finished 2-2 and I’m still two games behind with only seven games remaining on the schedule. 

Making my dillemma even more severe is that the Patriots play this week, thereby limiting my ability to make a move to three games.  (None of us are picking the Jets).  Thankfully, Rick and Jason decided to pick identically yet again, which leaves the door open just a crack for me. (And just so you know, I made my picks before both of them, so I’m not just going against the grain in an attempt to make up points.)  Both of these two are riding the hype train big-time.  Look at those picks!   They’re really not backing the 13-3 Falcons at home?!?!?  Something tells me that their car is about to get de-railed!

Onto the picks…

Game Derek Jason Rick
Last Week 2-2 2-2 2-2
Record 17-17 19-15 18-16


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