For Better or Worse: The Teammates that Play Together Stay Together


Just weeks after the infamous lashing of wide receivers by Tom Brady’s wife, Gisele, it appears that her f-bomb hatchet has been buried.  Well, at least it has as far as Wes Welker is concerned.  After confessing to being one of those that dropped the ball that sparked the tirade by Brady’s wife, Welker and his family were seen vacationing in Costa Rica for the long weekend with the Brady clan.  It has been reported on multiple sites that X17 has released a video for any naysayers that need to see the sunny weather and disposition of the trash talker and trash talked with their own eyes.  So, as the biggest game of tag continues this week with the likelihood that Welker will be franchise tagged, it appears as if the love story between the quarterback and the receiver continues.  Let’s just hope that the rings exchanged will be those of Super Bowl XLVII.