Game Recap: Patriots @ Bills

I don’t have a ton of analysis to drop since my iPhone decided to crap out right before the game started and I spent the subsequent 3 hours plus on the phone with Apple support.  I was in and out of the game in between countless computer restarts and uninstalls and re-installs of iTunes.  Come to think of it, maybe it’s not a good thing to have your phone/mp3player/digital camera/video camera/email/gaming all on one device.  Because when it stops working, you’re in a tough spot.  Let’s just say that if my mp3 player broke at 12:30pm on a Sunday afternoon, not a moment of the football game would’ve been missed.  Anyway, here’s some quick observations…

  • To say I was concerned following Buffalo’s opening drive, where they ran all over a Wilfork-less Patriots defense, would be a major understatement.  As I mentioned in my game preview, the team that performed best on the ground would likely come out the winner. While the Patriots didn’t dominate, their ability to plug the dam and contain Buffalo’s running backs for the remainder of the game played a huge role in their victory.
  • After the game, Randy Moss said you could put the earth on his shoulders.  Well, yesterday, he certainly carried the Patriots on them.  The long pass play to Moss that drew a defensive pass interference penalty, as well as his super-human catch moments later for the touchdown put the Patriots on top.  For the first time in a long time, he also caught more passes than Wes Welker
  • I won’t get too happy about dominating Buffalo’s offensive line, but the Patriots’ six sacks were a sight for sore eyes after suffering from an ineffective pass rush for the majority of the season.  With the D-line banged up, the Patriots were forced to go to their sub package which featured only linebackers and defensive backs.  This created a lot of confusion for the Buffalo passing game, and could be a good weapon for the Patriots to keep in their arsenal when they need a big stop on 3rd down in the future.
  • The victory was the team’s first true road win.  Not something that you necessarily want to accomplish in Week 15, but at 9-5, things could certainly be a lot worse.
  • With both Miami and New York losing, the Patriots are a victory away from clinching the AFC East!  Never take making the playoffs for granted.
Derek Hanson

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