Game Recap: Patriots vs. Saints


I’m not going to get too worked up about the Patriots’ rather convincing victory over the defending Super Bowl Champions.  After all, it’s the pre-season, and these games mean next to nothing.  I did find it encouraging, though, that the Pats looked as good as they did, especially after reports that the team appeared rather sloppy during its joint practices with New Orleans.  Heading into last night’s contest, I would’ve predicted that it was the Patriots who would’ve found themselves down 24-7 at one point.

Like I said, you can’t read too much into these early games, but if there were any promising signs last night, these four are at the top of my list.

#1 – Julian Edelman did his best Wes Welker performance, racking up 90 yards.  With Wes not 100% yet, it’s nice to know that Mini-Wes has made some serious strides from last season.

#2 – Brandon Spikes built up a lot of hype during training camp.  The rookie ILB backed it up by leading the team with 8 tackles.  If Brandon continues his steady development, the Mayo/Spikes inside tandem could rank among the best in the NFL.

#3 – The banged up D-line was able to put pressure on Brees.

#4 – The secondary looked much better last night than the last time they played the Saints.  Then again, how could they not?


Derek Hanson

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