Is Tom Brady Clutch?

Is there life after football?  Absolutely.  In fact, there has been so much life that I’ve barely had time for Foxboro Blog in the wake of Super Bowl XLVI.  Last week was easily Top 5 in my life for being crazy busy and I’m still trying to recover.  (Thank goodness for President’s Day.)

In the mean time, for those of you wanting some quality football contant to read, I suggest that you take a second to head over to Bloguin’s very own Colts Authority.  Yes, it may be enemy territory, but this blog is second to none when it comes to in-depth analysis and well-written articles.  One of their writers, Kyle Rodriguez is examining the idea of whether “clutchness” actually exists and he’s using Tom Brady as the prime example.  Definitely take a few minutes to check it out.  It’s a very worthwhile read as a Pats fan, or just a football fan in general.

The Clutch Enigma: Tom Brady

The Clutch Enigma: Tom Brady’s Situational Stats

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