It’s Tebow Time!!!!!

It's a beautiful day to be a Patriots fan!  The Tebow Train has finally arrived in Foxboro!

I know some people out there are skeptical about the Pats picking up the most overhyped athlete in the history of sports, but I think it was a stroke of genius by Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels.  All along, I've said that New England was probably the one place for Tebow to recover his football career.  It offered everything that Tebow needed:

#1 – A hall of fame quaterback that the fanbase would never turn on, preventing any sort of QB controversy.

#2 – A coach who loves to have "football players" on his team and will be able to innovate new ways to involve Tebow in the game.

#3 – A strong locker room that is able to withstand the media onslaught that is surely coming their way.

I know some people are predicting that this will be a short-lived experiment and that Tebow will find himself with a pink slip when he doesn't match up with Ryan Mallet for the backup QB job.  However, I think Belichick knows that Tim Tebow is a great football player who can make things happen when you put the ball in his hand and I'm expecting that we'll see a lot of Tebow Time on special teams, as a fullback, and as a tight end.   Tebow definitely has the toolset to be this team's next "jack of all trades", in the mold of Kevin Faulk, Troy Brown, and Julian Edelman.  In the end, it's a low-risk, high-reward proposition for the Pats, and one that I predict will turn out well for them. 

Plus, if you're not excited about a goal line TD by Tebow against the Jets, or the possibilities of divine intervention ending New England's eight year Lombadri drought, then you've really let ESPN make you jaded.  The only downside from this perspective is that I'll need to show up nine hours early if I want to get a seat at training camp. 

Derek Hanson

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