Kaczur and the O-line

Reports from the Boston Herald this weekend are that offensive lineman, Nick Kaczur, has undergone back surgery for a bulging disk.  There was a lot of speculation during training game that, like defensive end Ty Warren, Kaczur had suffered a season-ending injury.  However, while the Patriots placed Warren on IR, Kaczur has remained on the roster.  I personally have a hard time believing that Kaczur will be able to be down in the trenches in 2-3 months following surgery on his back, but then again, I never would have imagined that Wes Welker would be playing in a pre-season game either.  The wonders of modern medicine…

Regardless, Ty Warren was a starter.  Kaczur was already a second-stringer filling in for Logan “I’m going to whine about my contract instead of being a” Mankins.  The Patriots are already pretty thin at the guard position and starting the season with a verfied third-stringer could cause some difficulty with the running game and puts Tom Brady at risk for some extra hits.  I don’t see the Patriots mending fences with Mankins any time soon, so here’s hoping that Belichick has some tricks up his sleeve.  The Patriots are pretty stacked at safety and inside linebacker.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a trade in the next week or two to help solidify the O-line.

Derek Hanson

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