Late-Round Prospects: OL

Tim Barnes, C, Missouri

Barnes is a bit unpolished, but many of his weaknesses would be minimized in New England’s system. He is a good leader with strong character and has plenty of experience as a thee-year starter.

Zane Taylor, C, Utah

Taylor is tough and durable, and he had three years of experience as a starter. He has a good build for the center position, and most of his flaws are correctable with the proper coaching.

Will Rackley, G, Lehigh

Because he comes from a small school, Rackley may be the best offensive line prospect you’ve never heard of. He was dominant in four years as a starter at Lehigh, and he has many of the tools teams are looking for in a guard.

Justin Boren, G, Ohio State

Boren has a good physical makeup and three years of experience as a starter. He is a physical player who has a mean streak. He could eventually develop into a poor man’s Logan Mankins.

Jah Reid, T, Central Florida

His stock seems to be rising in large part because he is the kind of player who will do anything that is asked of him. Like a lot of late-round prospects, he needs to refine his technique to have sustained success in the NFL, but he has all of the physical tools to be successful.

Lee Ziemba, T, Auburn

Although he may struggle in pass protection at first, Ziemba is a very strong run-blocker who started all four years for an SEC team. His physical makeup and weaknesses in space mean he’ll probably move to guard, but it wouldn’t take a huge leap to see him as a RT someday.