Lockout Ramblings

Just some NFL lockout tidbits in the middle of an “exciting” week of covering the Patriots…

ESPN Boston reports that Patriots players are organizing team workouts.  With Mark Sanchez and the Jets’ West Coast workouts receiving some coverage, it’s nice to know the Patriots are busy staying in game-shape themselves.  In typical Patriots fashion, however, the players have just chosen to stay tight-lipped about it. To be honest, I wasn’t really surprised to hear that there are organized player workouts taking place, as the Patriots are known to be some of the hardest working players in the league. 

In some major news for Bloguin and bloggers in general, Nate Dunleavy of 18to88.com, our network’s Indianapolis Colts blog, received a call this week from commissioner, Roger Goodell.  Dunleavy had reported that Goodell’s recent conference call with Colts’ season ticket holders was a “waste of time”, because he felt the majority of the questions were fluff and not really hard-hitting inquiries regarding the state of the NFL and the lockout.  In response, Goodell reached out to Nate, who lives in Argentina, to personally answer his questions. 

Here’s some links to Nate’s posts regarding the Goodell phone call, as well as a second call he had with George Atallah of the now decertified NFLPA.

A Conversation with Roger Goodell

Coverage of the Goodell Call

What I Learned From My Conversation with Roger Goodell

Interview with George Atallah of NFLPA

Despite his obvious poor choice in team, Nate Dunleavy is probably the best football blogger that I know.  I’ve been very fortunate to be able to work with him over the past two years or so since he joined Bloguin.  Goodell certainly picked a good blogger and season ticket holder to reach out to, as evidence by the pretty fair and humble coverage that Nate has given to the conversations.  Definitely check those links out.  You’ll find out some info that you won’t get from ESPN and the main stream media. 

Viva Bloguin.

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