Logan Mankins: Tagged and Bagged

First off, my apologies to Rex Ryan if the above photo is getting him a little hot under the collar, but this impromptu update of Foxboro Blog is regarding the recent announcement that the Patriots will indeed be assigning the franchise tag to Logan Mankins.  It’s not a huge shocker, considering that the Pats would have to be pretty dumb to expose Mankins to the open market of unrestricted free-agency and risk losing him without compensation.  Still, it’s a noteworthy bit of news considering the cloud of controversy that has surrounded the Mankins contract talks for nearly a year now. 

The big questions that are still to be answered…

Will Mankins ultimately end up with a one year deal worth approximately $10 Million, or will he and the Patriots be able to hammer out a long-term extension.

Should contract talks go sour, will Mankins stage yet another hissy-fit and sit out training camp and potentially  some games?  (That’s assuming there’s actually a 2011 season, of course.)

If Mankins continues to have a rift with management, what can the Patriots realistically expect to get in return for him in a trade?

It should be interesting to say the least.  Let us know your thoughts on the drama in the comments…

Derek Hanson

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