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Patriots looking forward to joint practice with the Saints
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Both teams will be on the two practice fields behind Gillette Stadium. The opening third of the practice will have the Saints on one field and the Patriots on the other.

For the final two-thirds of practice, the teams will come together.

When the teams come together, the work will be varied, including everything from 7-on-7 drills to a possible full-team scrimmage.

“This will be a chance for us to do it against somebody else,” Belichick said. “Their schemes and players are different than ours, so it just creates some new matchups.”

It also should create a heightened intensity level, and that might explain why Patriots players had the weekend off, so they are well rested and ready to shift things into a higher gear.

“It’s a good chance to hit somebody other than the guys you’re seeing every day,” Light said. “You get the timing figured out against the guys you play against in practice. This will be a good opportunity for all of us to see some new competition, to get some good work here one-on-ones and in the team periods in practice, and really just go out and compete at a higher level than we are now.


Moving the Umpire Could Affect the Patriots
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The move could negatively impact teams like the Patriots and Colts, who run the hurry-up or no-huddle offense well.

“The biggest impact is flow of the game,” back judge Billy Smith explained today. “For example, in hurry up, if it’s third-and-12 with the Colts, the defense has the dime package on the field, they’re [Colts] trained to rush up to the line…with umpire up there, that’s probably not going to happen.”

The problem is where the umpire used to be able to spot the ball at the end of a play and then back up a few yards, he now may have to run in 15 yards to spot the ball and then run back out 15 yards to re-assume his spot. If the ball is snapped before he’s in place, it is a five-yard penalty. So offenses trying to catch the defense in a mismatch as far as personnel may no longer be able to pull that off.


Stiff Competition at the Saftey Position
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The friendly competition between Sanders, McGowan and Chung is pushing each to get better.

“Yeah, we’re all competitors,” Sanders said. ”All we ask is for an opportunity to go out there and compete and have an opportunity to win jobs because nothing is given to you. You’ve got to go out and earn it.”

“We’re having fun,” Meriweather said. “Everybody is coming out to make each other better. We’re doing all the little things to help the team out, so whenever you’ve got competition in something, it brings out the best in each other.”


Maroney not dancing any longer
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“That’s how I’ve got to be on the field. Rough. I can’t go out there being all pretty because then you’re all going to say I’m dancing.”

Critics have been saying that ever since 2006 when New England drafted him in the first round out of Minnesota.

The rap against him is that he wastes too much time in the backfield looking for holes, running from side to side. Can’t he just attack the first opening he sees?

This season Maroney wants to eliminate those criticisms.

“I’m not trying to be on, what’s that dance show they’ve got on TV? ‘Dancing with the Stars?'” he said with his ever-present smile. “I’m physical. Downhill.”


Patriots Depth Charts Revealed
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