Mankins to Man Up, Rejoin Pats

Without any football to play, Logan Mankins has spent his time off focusing on growing out his sweet· beard.

November has certainly been a busy month of flip-flopping for New England Patriots malcontents.· Not even one day in, and we’ve already seen Randy Moss get himself cut from the Vikings and potentially make his way back on the team if he can clear waivers and mend fences with Belichick.· Then we were treated to the late-breaking news that Logan Mankins would be signing his tender tomorrow, two weeks earlier than necessary.·

I guess a league-leading 6-1 record will do that for a team.· Bill Belichick cleaned house this off-season and filled the Patriots locker room with humble-pie-eating workhorses, who care about nothing else but busting their tails and winning games as a team.· Everyone thought this would be a “rebuilding year” for the Pats, but it turns out that in this year’s extremely weak NFL landscape, all it takes to be successful is to play hard, play smart, and not shoot yourself in the foot.· Suddenly, players like Moss and Mankins, who thought their discontent and absence would send shockwaves through the locker room are finding themselves on the outside looking in.· New England is enjoying their second-best start in franchise history and they’ve done it without their Pro-Bowl left guard, and largely without Rand Moss. ·

The malcontents are having a change of heart, and lucky for them, the Patriots while proud, are not prideful.· Both Mankins and Moss, if they are willing to play their roles and shut their mouths, would be invaluable assets to this offense.· If they’re willing to be good soldiers again, I would have to think that Bill Belichick would welcome them with open arms and a “one strike, you’re out” policy.·

Now just wait until Adalius Thomas calls up, saying that he’s done watching the Jetsons and wants back on the team….

Derek Hanson

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