NFL Pick ‘Em: Super Bowl

Forget the matchup of the NFL's #1 offense vs. it's #1 defense.  The real drama is here in the Foxboro Blog Pick 'Em game.  With Raj and myself squarely out of the running for this year's title, it all comes down to Jason vs. Rick in the last game of the season.  

To recap, Rick pretty much dominated the game the entire season, leading by large margins in the 7-8 point range.  Normally, a lead like that would be insurmountable in other seasons.  This season, however, the insurmountable became surmountable (is that a word?) as Jason roared back down the stretch and actually took the lead with a strong 8-2 showing in the post-season.  As we head into the final game of the year, Jason has a two game lead on Rick…

…But wait!  Here at Foxboro Blog, a correct Super Bowl pick is worth 2 points, and a correct pick of the MVP is worth another!

Game NOT over!

However, Jason, being the clever bloke that his is, decided to hedge his bets a little.  A Seahawks win will seal the deal for him and give him his second title in four seasons.  However, as an insurance policy, he went with Peyton Manning as his Super Bowl MVP, blocking Rick from the outright win should Denver hoist the Lombardi.

Could we possibly have a tie on our hands?

That would be very un-football like, which is why we built in the final score tie-breaker.  Using final score can be a little tricky, so here's how we'll grade it…

1. Closest to the score of the winner

2. Closest to the score of the loser

3. Closest to the margin of victory

Whoever gets two of those three, wins.


This is almost exciting enough to make me want the Broncos to win.  That being said…

Go Seahawks!

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