Patriots at Giants: Preseason Game Preview

After a Patriots’ loss or poor performance, I’m always itching for the next game when they can go out on the field and right their wrongs.  Unfortunately, the Patriots’ chance for redemption after their defensive debacle against the Rams will have to wait until Week 1 against the Bengals.  Tonight’s game in Dirty Jerz has nothing to do with atoning for past mistakes and everything to do with escaping injury-free.

I would expect that Tom Brady and a host of other key players won’t even see the field in this fourth and final preseason game. Unfortunately, though, the Pats can’t just forfeit, which means somebody is going to have to march out onto the field and risk life and limb in a meaningless game.  With Mankins and Kaczur absent on the O-line, Ty Warren on IR, and cornerback Leigh Bodden also out for the season, the Patriots are now razor-thin on both lines and at corner.  Any further losses in those areas would really put the team in a difficult position as they head towards the season’s kickoff next week.

Due to the lack of depth at corner, I would assume we’ll see some action out of Darius Butler and 1st round pick, Devin McCourty.  This starting CB tandem is projected to be the youngest in the league this season.  Tonight will be their last chance to get some practice against NFL-caliber competition before the opener against Cincy.  If they follow up their weak performance against St. Louis with another stinking against New York, it could certainly be an ominous sign for the Patriots.

So keep your fingers crossed and stay away from black cats.  I don’t care what the final score is, as long as the Patriots exit the Meadowlands healthy.

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