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For the 7th straight week, I did a Q&A session with a blogger who covers the Patriots next opponent.  Up this week is Buffalo Wins, a great blog covering the Bills and Sabres that joined the Bloguin just before the start of the NFL Season.  I asked the site’s lead writer, Joe Pinzone, a series of questions about the Billss, and he, in turn, asked me a few about the Pats.  His responses are below, followed by a link to Foxboro Blog’s Q&A session on Buffalo Wins.

1. The Bills played a tight game against Miami and then got blown out by Green Bay.  What do you think was the biggest difference between the two games?

I’d love to tell you that the Bills just had a bad week against Green Bay, but the team is really bad. Like, it could give the Patriots 1992 season a run for the money. Even though the Miami game was close on the scoreboard, it wasn’t even close on the field. Miami shot themselves in the foot so many times with drops and missed field goals that they could have easily won by 2 touchdowns.

2. How concerned are you about the Bills moving to Toronto or another city?

Very concerned. It’s been kind of a death knell for most Bills fans since 2006. There are so many rumors going around the campfire about Jim Kelly (Bills former QB) having his own ownership group lined up to buy the team. The bottom line for everyone involved is that when Ralph Wilson passes away, the Bills will go up for auction to the highest bidder. We are talking fat cats in LA and Toronto lining up to buy the team and possibly move it. The biggest problem for the franchise is that they are in a football market that lacks corporations to buy a ton of luxury boxes, like you guys have in New England. Without luxury box sales, the Bills franchise will become smaller and have a harder time in competing.

3. What about the Bills had you the most excited heading into the 2010 season?

Um, is that a trick question? Look, I knew coming into the season the team was going to be terrible. I guess having the possible 1st pick in the draft next year has me excited. All kidding aside, CJ Spiller was someone I was looking forward to seeing play. He looked great in the preseason and has game breaker written all over him. I’m not sure what happened last week, but the Bills decided to bench Spiller and play Marshawn Lynch. No clue why, because Spiller is your first round pick and a high draft slot like that shouldn’t be sitting on the bench.

4. What do you think the Bills’ weak point is?

Another trick question? Everything is weak on this team! You have two terrible tackles in Demetrius Bell and Cornell Green. If you put Wes Welker opposite Lee Evans at the moment that Welker blew out his knee, he’d be better than Stevie Johnson. The linebackers can’t cover or rush the passer. Lastly, there quarterback is Ryan Fitzpatrick. So, to answer your question, everything is weak about this team….except the secondary isn’t too bad.

5. What is your prediction for the Patriots this season?

The Pats are the Pats. As long as Tom Brady is manning the quarterback position, you guys are going to be just fine. Now, are you going to runaway with the division like it seems like you guys do every year? No. The Jets may talk a good game, but they can kind of back it up. Miami is 2-0 and they are well coached team. I go back and forth about who I think will win the division, but I’m going with the Patriots. Brady and Moss are the best players in the division and that’s why I’m picking them

6. How do you see Sunday’s game playing out and what’s the final score?

Even though the Bills have kept it closer over the past two years against the Patriots, I still see this match-up as your typical Bills vs Patriots game. The Hoodie will out-coach Gailey. Brady and Moss will outplay Fitzpatrick and Lee Evans. The Bills defense won’t stop Brady on 3rd down. Also, look for your rookie tight end, Rob Gronkowski, to have a big game. The Bills are terrible against defending the tight end. Oh, BTW, the Patriots are pissed off, which doesn’t bold well for the Bills.
Pats: 34
Bills: 13

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