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Once again, it’s time for our weekly Q&A session with a blogger who covers the Patriots’ upcoming opponent.  Up this week is Daniel Eliesen from Phins Phocus.  Here’s what Daniel had to say about the Phins and Pats leading up to Sunday’s game.

1.    Since the Dolphins lost the first eight games of the season, they have won 5 of their last six games. What is the one main reason why Miami has started to win more games?
Matt Moore and Reggie Bush, sorry I cheated and said two. Matt Moore in his short career as a Dolphins starter has already significantly outplayed Chad Henne and has made Dolphins fan wish that they gave up on Chad earlier. While has hasn’t been perfect he has been efficient and got the job done. Although it’s hard to complain about Moore’s play it really makes you think what this team would have been had Moore started the season. The Dolphins defense has also significantly stepped up and is not the same defense that gave up 500 yards to the Patriots.

2. With Miami going down the draft pecking order with each win, is it possible that Matt Moore is the starting quarterback in 2012?

I think Matt Moore is the started in 2012 barring the Dolphins bringing in Peyton Manning. Even if the Dolphins bring in a QB through the draft unless it’s Luck I would find it hard to believe he starts from day 1.

3. For the Dolphins to win, who has to be the main force on defense to stop Tom Brady?

As we have seen over the years the best way to slow down Tom Brady is to attack him and make sure he feels pressure. That being said it will be important for Cam Wake to be a dominate presence. However I would say the best way to stop Tom Brady would be to keep him off the field. If Reggie Bush can run the ball well the Dolphins will probably go for a ball control type of offense.  

4. What can the Dolphins take away most from the first game against the Patriots and who will be the X Factor the second time around?

If the Dolphins can’t cover Gronk or HernDog, they don’t stand a chance, so the X Factor would probably be Bell, Dansby and Burnett who will be responsible for covering them.

5. Who wins this game and why?

The Patriots, and because they are the better team. The Patriots still have something to play for so the Dolphins wont get off easy.

6. With Christmas and the New Year coming up, what is the one gift that the Dolphins can give you for the Holidays?

Matt Barkley / RG3/ Luck any of those would be fine by me. I believe the coach will come but the QB I am more worried about, so I want one of those 3.
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