Q&A Session with Rex Sanchez

Each week I’ll be trying to do a collaborative piece with a blogger who covers the Patriots’ upcoming opponent.  This week, with the Jets in the queue, this involved getting uncomfortably friendly with the enemy.  Rex Sanchez is an terrific (if you can call a Jets blog that) Jets blog that joined the Bloguin just before the start of the NFL Season.  I asked the site’s lead writer, Daniel Krieg, a series of questions about the Jets, and he, in turn, asked me a few about the Pats.  His responses are below, followed by a link to Foxboro Blog’s Q&A session on Rex Sanchez.

1. Monday Night obviously wasn’t the start to the season you’d be hoping for.  What went wrong, and do you think the game was a fluke or something to be concerned about?

The penalties were the reason they lost the game. If they had played a cheating-free game they would have won. What concerns me, though, was obviously the offense. I understand they played a world-class defense, but it was like that the entire preseason. The Jets starters had one touchdown versus a first-team defense in three preseason games. I just hope somewhere in Sanchez’s pretty boy body the man we saw last January still exists.

2. What are your thoughts on the Revis holdout and the fact that he’s apparently already to hold out again in another two years?
I’m not concerned. For starters, that’s way too far into the future to think about. There are far more pressing issues at hand right now. Plus, if they don’t win a Super Bowl in the next two years, the makeup of this team will be dramatically different in 2012.
3. What are you most excited about this season?

To see the team I saw in the playoffs. A team that went into San Diego, played THEIR game and beat a very, very good football team. I WAS excited to see Sanchez’s maturation, but that train was certainly derailed last weekend. Overall though, I was most excited to see the defense. Even without Jenkins I feel they have a chance to be a historically great unit.

4. What do you think is the Jets biggest weakness?

It may be something other teams can overcome, but the Jets complete and total hole at left guard really concerns me. Sanchez is the type of quarterback, at this stage in his career, who needs to know he is protected on every throw. Did you see Haloti Ngata’s sack on Monday night? He barely touched starter Matt Slauson before rushing past him. It was like those ESPN NFL Draft commercials back in the day when they would show David Carr taking the snap with no offensive line and asking, “What does your team need?” It’s a huge weakness that forced Sanchez to throw more passes to running backs than he did wide receivers.

6. What’s your prediction for the Jets this season?

I’m going to keep the faith and stand by my prediction. 11-5, AFC East champs, Super Bowl champs. The talent in that room will come together sooner rather than later.

7. What’s your prediction for the Patriots this season?

Also an 11-5 campaign. I see the Jets winning the division by tiebreaker. A late-round playoff loss seems about right.

8. How do you see Sunday’s game unfolding?

It will be very similar to Monday night’s game. I think it’s going to be a defensive struggle. I think the Pats offense will not be overly explosive because Revis will shut down Moss and Welker will be double-teamed all game (that still may not do the trick, though). And the Jets rush defense is excellent—Ray Rice was ineffective for much of Monday night’s game.

I see the Jets re-establishing their run game (I still don’t understand why Shonn Greene was benched after his fumble—so shortsighted) and in turn that will help Sanchez complete more passes. The Jets will win a close one and yes, save their season.

9. Score Prediction?

Jets- 16, Patriots 14

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