Redskins – Seemingly Automatic

It could seem arrogant, braggadocios, dismissive or even rude to simply mark the Redskins off as a fate complete win for the Patriots as they too are a professional football team and the belief is that any given Sunday one team could beat another.

This belief for the Redskins would be unfounded at best when attempting to present an unbiased and logical argument for how the Redskins could pull off a feat that would be on par with the tasks of Hercules and Jason rolled into one.

The Redskins come to Foxborough with an average of 21 points a game compared to the Patriots who are averaging 30.  They face a hall of frame coach and quarterback, a receiving juggernaut in the form of Gronk and company, a running back in form of Lewis how has proven to be as elusive as smoke and that is merely the offensive side of the ball.  Special teams play has been stellar and the much maligned defense has gelled into a force that held the Dolphins to a palsy 7 points.

In their win over the hapless Buccaneers who were 2-3 at the time. Cousins passed for 317 yards and 3 touchdowns, Jones and Reed combined for a total of 101 yards of offense.

Playing at home with the full complement a weapons available to them does not bode well for the Redskins.  The Patriots are focused on the goal of not only winning but improving as they continue to win.  That is a frightening thought given their current 7-0 record.

A records that I predict will remain perfect as the Patriots advance to 8-0 and leave the Redskins in the rear view as the Revenge Tour rolls on.