Round Table: 6th Seed

On a hopefully non-Patriots related note, which AFC team will sneak into the 6th seed this season?  

Raj: I think it will be Baltimore. They've had their struggles but they still aren't a horrible team. At some point in the season if not now, they will realize that they are the defending Super Bowl champions and will start playing like that. Despite their woes, it isn't late for them to turn things around. I also think they get the 6th because no other team has a winning mentality besides them and possibly the Steelers.

Jason: I don't really like any of them, but the Titans probably have the easiest path to the six seed with games remaining against the Texans and Jaguars to close out the season. The draw against Denver will be a bitch, but a home game against Arizona and a road trip to a reeling Colts team are two winnable contests. They still have a chance to win that division.

Derek: I think it's going to be the Dolphins or the Jets and it will come down to which team takes care of business in their head to head matchups.  

Baltimore has New England and Cincinnati on the schedule.

Tennessee has Indianapolis, Arizona, and Denver to deal with.

San Diego has Cincinnati, Denver, and Kansas City remaining.

Pittsburgh really only has Cincinnati, but they lost on Thursday and are a game back.

That leaves the Phins and Jets, who only have New England and Carolina left on their schedule, respectively.  Yes, for them to make theh playoffs, you're assuming that they can take care of business against teams like Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Oakland, and Cleveland.  But if one of these teams does start playing to their potential, then the 6th seed is there for the taking.  

Derek Hanson

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