Round Table: A Must-Win Game?

Is Sunday's game in Buffalo a "must win" game for New England?

Jason: Even though the Pats are coming off two straight losses, Buffalo still needs this win way more than New England. The Pats are a game behind the division leaders. It's way too early to call any game a must-win for a team that hasn't missed the playoffs with Brady under center in a decade. I'm not sure whether the Bills are the next best team in the division, so it's hard the fathom this one being a make-or-break game for the Pats. Even if they lose this one, would you bet against them making the playoffs?.

Stephen: Because the Patriots play in a rather weak division, I don't see Sunday as a must-win. The Jets will falter without Revis and the Dolphins don't pose much of a threat with their underwhelming offense. The Bills are a solid team, but I don't see them truly posing a threat to the Patriots winning the division. New England could, and maybe should, be 3-0 at this point, if not for a few plays going the other way. As long as they continue to get the offense rolling and put some more heat on the quarterback, they should be okay on Sunday. 

Derek: In terms of making the playoffs, this match against the Bills is not a must-win scenario. The AFC East is very weak this season and a 9-7 record may be all that's needed to take home the title and secure a post-season appearance. However, from the perspective of capturing a first-round bye-week, it is critical that the Patriots defeat the Bills. A 1-3 start would put the Pats in a nearly insurmountable hole. Baltimore and Houston are simply too good, and a loss here would put New England in a position where they would likely need to run the table the next twelve weeks to earn one of the two coveted spots. 

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