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Round Table: AFC 6th Seed

When the dust settles, which team will be the AFC's 6th seed?

Jason:  The Chargers appear to have the easiest path. The Ravens and Dolphins are floundering, and San Diego draws a Chiefs team that has nothing to play for in Week 17. I wouldn't completely count out the Steelers either, but in my mind, the Chargers are the best of this bunch.

Raj:  I'll give it to San Diego. The Chargers have been an underdog the entire season and they're finally showing up. They have a very talented roster that should not be taken lightly. I think they'll be able to win this weekend since Kansas City won't be playing their starters. If all goes to plan, San Diego will be your 6th seed in the AFC.

Rick:  Since I have all 3 teams winning their games on Sunday, I have the Dolphins as the 6 seed. I know that they looked awful against the Bills, but they are facing a Jets team that they were able to dominate a few weeks ago. Ryan Tannehill has had an impressive December (other than last week). By virtue of a 3 way tiebreaker, the Dolphins will be the team that gets the 6 seed and goes to the surprising 3 seed Colts for the Wild Card Round. The point is in the AFC, the Ravens, Dolphins, and Chargers are all serious threats to represent the conference in the Super Bowl. That's how wide open the AFC is this year. 

Derek: The Dolphins seem to be the most likely candidate, assuming they get past the Jets.   The Steelers need the three other teams to all lose, so count them out.  San Diego needs both Baltimore and Miami to lose, which is also asking for a lot.  Baltimore has the tall task of beating the Bengals, and even then, they need the Dolphins or Chargers to blow their very winnable game.  So, I personally like the odds of the Dolphins, who just have to take care of business agains the lowly jets and either hope that Cincinnati downs the inferior Ravens OR have the Chargers beat a Chiefs team that has nothing to play for.  

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